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Japanese Name: フェンリル
English Name: Fenrir
Meaning: "From The Swamp"
First Appearance: Shaman King: Power of Spirit
Type: Animal Class
Reiryoku Level: 2,000
Shaman: Meril Inugami

Fenrir (フェンリル, "Fenriru") is the Guardian ghost of Meril Inugami only appears in the PS2 video game Shaman King: Power of Spirit.


Oversouls and AttacksEdit

Fenrir can do a perfect O.S with Meril Inugami´s Izanami Amulet making a wolf´s head all around the arm of Meril, this O.S is named the Lunatic Howl.

O.S. FenrirEdit

O.S. “Fenrir” (O.S. フェンリル)

  • Shaman: Meril Inugami
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Fenrir (Animal ghost)
  • Medium used:



Shiki Sword Technique(四季刀技法,): This technique allows Meril to create multiple hits then her final strike knocks the enemy down.

Maxim Fenrir Strike(マキシムフェンリルストライク, "Makishimu Fenriru Sutoraiku"): In the video game when Meril activates this technique she would say "lunatic howl" or "eat this!". This allows her to shoot a strike that has Fenrir's face. It does critical damage.

Lunatic Howl (ルナティックハウル, "Runatik Kuhauru"): This is Meril's ultimate attack. It uses almost all of her Furyoku. When she uses this technique she rushes towards the target with Fenrir running with her. After that Meril and Fenrir jump in the air making a large aura around Meril and Fenrir and strikes the target.

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