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The Flower of Maize (フラワーオブメイズ Furawā obu Meizu), shortened to "FoM", is a tournament held between teams, each representing a member of the G8.



When three or more members of the G8 raises a complaint against the current Shaman King, they will hold a summit to contest the Shaman King's actions. If they are unable to agree, a tournament is held on earth with one team fighting on behalf of each member, as a fight between themselves would easily destroy the planet.[1]

Each Shaman King has to choose five members: one General (大将 Taishō) and four Captains (隊長 Taichō). The leader themselves can choose up to two Helpers (補佐 Hosa), while each captain can pick up to three Soldiers ( Hei). The Helpers and Soldiers can be changed at any point, but the original five members cannot be changed once the tournament is underway and if any of them are killed, it is strictly forbidden to revive them. Each member of the winning team is granted a miracle and can ask their Shaman King to fulfill any wish they might have.[2]

The participants will travel to the Moon on September 9th when the distance between the Earth and the Moon minimize, and the tournament will be held on the Moon.[3]




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