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Force Millennium
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Japanese Name: 強制ミレニアム
Romanized Name: "Kyōsei Mireniamu"
English Name: Force Millennium
Leader: Captain Vineuvall
First Appearance: Shaman King: Power of Spirit
Total Furyoku: n/a

Force Millennium(強制ミレニアム, "Kyōsei Mireniamu") is An evil group that only appears in the PlayStation 2 game Shaman King: Power of Spirit.


Force Millennium is a large scale secret society that appears in Shaman King: Power of Spirit. The group has existed for several hundred years under multiple aliases, but their goal is always the same: to create a Utopian society where only superior humans exist.

Though the origin and inner workings of their group have not been made clear, they hold a position of influence in both the political and financial world where they support various conspiracies from the shadows of society. They operate at the behest of the "sponsors" as they're referred to, but virtually nothing is known about them or their goals.

The group is known to have put their considerable wealth into genetic manipulation research. They have gone through thousands of (presumably human) cloned tests subjects in an effort to create a "vessel", an individual capable of storing incredibly large level amounts of Furyoku. of these experiments, there is only one known successful test subject.






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