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Forest of Holy Spirits (精霊の森) is the 31st episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As Yoh and the others are walking on, Ryu is depressed that Billy didn't show up. Yoh then decides that they go camping. just Then, a car shows up and decide to take Yoh and the others with them. As they arrive at Ross and Melanie's house, they have a great dinner. Yoh and the others then decide to stay with Ross and Melanie for a few days. Later on, Ross and Melanie are seen talking about the fact that it's a while ago since they have had Shamans in their house before.

Later on, Hao is seen talking about Yoh, while Mikihisa is seen spying on them. Meanwhile as Manta has bought all the souvenirs, Anna is heading somewhere near a lake. Later on, Ross and Melanie confront Yoh and the others with the fact that they are Shamans too. They then ask Yoh and the others to defeat dangerous "monsters" that live in the coal mine. As Yoh states that it's a very big request, meanwhile the Lily Five shows up and asks what kind of the reward is. Yoh then tells Ross and Melanie that they will take care of the "monsters". Later on, Yoh and the others and the Lily Five are heading inside the coal mine. As they are discussing what the reward will be, Ren states that there is no reward because the "monsters" aren't real and Ross and Melanie aren't humans. As Lyserg asks why they went along even though they all knew that it was not real, Yoh tells him that it would be fun. 

Just then many spirits appear and start a fight with Yoh and the others. Yoh and the others then start to fight and defeat the spirits while having some fun. Later on outside the coal mine, Yoh and the others are thanked by the spirits for playing with them. But then, Hao shows up and kills the spirits while stating that Yoh shouldn't waste his time. As Yoh and the others are ready to fight Hao, Hao flies away on the back of his spirit. Later on, Hao meets with Mikihisa and asks him if he will hurry and give "it" to Yoh. Later on, Anna is seen summoning The 1080 Rosary Beads. Later on, Yoh and the others continue their journey while the spirits wonder if Yoh might be able to defeat Hao in the end.

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