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The Seminoan Warriors (セミノアの戦士たち Seminoa no Senshi-tachi) were four warriors who traveled to the Patch Village five hundred years ago in order to participate in the Shaman Fight. Their names were Ian (イアン), Nitzva (ニツバ Nitsuba), Dreisa (ドライサ Doraisa), and Jophia (ヨフィア Yofia).



Five hundred years ago a member of the Patch Tribe visited the village in which the Seminoan Warriors inhabited, inviting them to take part in the Shaman Fight that was occurring during this period. The warriors decided to undertake the journey, with the best of intentions, but on their travels to the Patch Village, they encountered Hao. At this point, Hao was a member of the Patch Tribe and attempted to recruit the warriors into his faction. When they refused, Hao proceeded to kill all four of them using the Spirit of Fire.

Travel Through America[]

The warriors were first seen in the series when the Kachina Dolls they now inhabit were displayed by Lilirara as she prepared to stop Yoh and his friends from continuing any further in the Shaman Fight. Tao Ren is able to block Ian's initial attack, kicking the doll and then commenting on how weak they are. At this moment, Ian's form emerges out of the doll and appears to cut off Ren's leg. The other dolls then attack the rest: Jophia cuts off Horohoro's arm, Nitzva cuts Ryu in half, and Dreisa pierces Asakura Yoh's heart. However, it is then revealed that Yoh and his friends are not injured. Lilirara explains that the attacks were just memories into them upon contact with the dolls, which is why they felt pain. Lilirara then offers them the chance to experience the past of the Seminoan Warriors, in which Yoh and the company finally accept even after knowing the pain they will have to endure to do so.[1] She later commands her Over Souls to take hold of Yoh and company again, and proceeds to narrate what happened to the warriors during the last Shaman Fight.[2]

The reborn Hao ambushes Lilirara and incinerates the souls of the four warriors.[3]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

Oversoul Kachina Dolls[]

O.S. Kachina Dolls

O.S. Kachina Dolls

  • Shaman: Lilirara
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: The Four Seminoan Warriors
  • Media used: Kachina dolls

Description: These are Over Souls made from Kachina dolls. With some of Seminoa magic, Lilirara can integrate the ghosts present within the dolls, with their victims and share the ghosts' experiences and pain through threw a form of visions, by directly invading their mind. To do so direct contact with the dolls must first occur;[1] the longer they remain in contact with the victim, the more and more precise the visions become. Lilirara refers to this process as High Mega-Vision Memorial (ハイメガヴィジョンメモリアル Hai Megavijon Memoriaru).[2]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

The "Five" Seminoan Warriors in the 2001 anime series

In the 2001 anime series, since Chocolove McDonell was present with Yoh's group at this point, the number of Seminoan Warriors was increased to five so that all members of the group could be possessed at once and see the visions together, rather than one being left out. The fifth warrior is named Chelga.

The 2001 anime series also has them travel to the Seminoa memories several times, until they get some clues on the location of the Patch Village. In the manga and the 2021 anime series, Lilirara instead provides the group with a map after the protect her from some other shamans.

The 2021 anime series follows the events of the manga.


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