Japanese Name: 不動
Romanized Name: "Fudō"
English Name: Fudo
First Appearance: Episode 50(Anime)
Affiliations: Team "Fudomyou"
Occupations: Shaman
Spirit Hunter
leader of Team "Fudomyou"
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: Yuko Kobayashi
English VA: Wayne Grayson
Furyoku Level:
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name: Fire Angel
English Name: Fire Angel
Meaning: n/a
Type: Kami-Class

Fudou (不動, "Fudō", Fudo in the English version of the Anime series) is a fictional character in the anime series of Shaman King.


He has long dark red hair that he keeps in three ties, one on the back and two on the front and black eyes. He wears red and brown robes.


Fudou is very confident and self-righteous, believing that what he does is good. He hates spirits but rarely gets angry, a good example of this being when Hao kills his companions.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Fudou has the ability to use a variety of spells and in combat, he creates a pair of red wings while he had a halo on his back. He also has the ability to use wind attacks with his sword and shoot dart-like projectiles from his wings.


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Very little is known about Fudou's past. He was possessed many times by spirits, which lead to his hatred of them. Fudou eventually became a spirit hunter and came to believe that shamans were actually possessed by the spirits they used.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Fudou and his allies manage to find their way into Patch Village and begin to seal spirits. They are first shown sealing the spirits of the Lily Five, whom they interrogate for information on Asakura Yoh and Amidamaru. Fudou seeks to destroy Amidamaru since he escaped sealing during their first encounter. He then forces an enslaved Mosuke to possess Oyamada Manta in order to draw Yoh to him. Despite Fudou's constant attacks, Yoh protects Amidamaru. Fudou tries to force Manta to attack Yoh, but Manta and Mosuke break free of his control, thanks to Manta switching Mosuke's medium. Fudou is later forced to release the spirits he had captured by Yoh and his friends.[1]

later on Asakura Hao later gives Fudou the option of joining his side (in the English version, he wanted his follower's spirits back) but he then refused. In response, Hao had Hang Zang-Ching and Mohamed Tabarsi to take care of Fudou's allies but his allies try to steal their spirits from them, but they failed to do so. however, Zang-ching and Turbine took both of Fudou's allies out in the blink of an eye which this shocked and infuriated Fudou causing him to attempt to attack Hao head-on in rage, as Hao called upon the Spirit of Fire to blocks his attacks and kills him with fire while Hao tells him to relax (in the English version, he told the spirit of fire to burn his spirit to the Spiritual Inferno) and not to move while the Spirit of Fire devours Fudou's spirit in the process.[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Fudou is a anime-only character and never appears in the manga series.



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