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Funbari Onsen (ふんばり温泉) is an inn with a natural hot spring that is located just outside the city limits of Tokyo, though technically part of the Saitama Prefecture. It is the primary residence of Asakura Yoh and Kyōyama Anna in Tokyo[1] until it later became a public business run by the Asakura Family.


Funbari Onsen was originally known as the Flame Inn (民宿 炎 Minshuku "En") and owned by a man named Honoh Tamegoroh. Due to unknown circumstances implied to be the result of Tamegoroh's actions, the inn was closed down because of an accident and the owners died. Their spirits continued to haunt the inn afterward.[2]

When Asakura Keiko was a young woman living and working in Tokyo, her father Asakura Yohmei rented the entire building out for her to reside in[3]. Years later, when Yoh and Anna move to Tokyo, the inn becomes their home in Tokyo. Inspired by a suggestion from one of Ryu's gang members, Anna decides to remodel the entire inn into Funbari Onsen. Throughout the second round of the Shaman Fight, she continues to advertise the inn and looks for resources to develop it. Its eventual official advertisement song Funbari no Uta was composed by Johann Faust VIII.

After the Shaman Fight, the development of the inn is left primarily in the hands of Tamamura Tamao when Anna and Yoh find themselves obligated to travel around the world. Tamao eventually becomes the manager of the inn, where Ryu works as a chef and the Hana-gumi work as waitresses.


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