Futunomitama no Turugi
Stone Sword.jpg
Japanese Name: フツノミタマの剣
Romanized Name:
English Name: Futsunomitama Sword(Manga)
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 128(Manga)
Episode (Anime)
Type: Stone Sword
Wielder: Asakura Yohken
Asakura Yoh
Asakura Hana

The Futunomitama no Turugi (フツノミタマの剣, "Futsunomitama no Tsurugi"; also known as the Futsunomitama Sword in the English the manga series, also known as the Antiquity in the English version of the anime series) is a stone sword that is owned by the Asakura Family.

About[edit | edit source]

Futunomitama no Turugi is a red stone sword that has been a treasure of the Asakura Family for many generations. According to Asakura Hao, it was once owned by a sword god and even though it is only made of rock, it is the perfect medium to create a sword oversoul. The sword which slumbers in a storage room of the Asakura Family always creates a stir in the world when it surfaces because it's a national treasure.[1]

It was used by Asakura Yohken to kill his ancestor Hao when he reincarnated into the Patch Tribe. Five hundred years later it was used by Asakura Yoh as a secondary medium for his Over Soul during the second round of the Shaman Fight. Yoh's son, Asakura Hana would eventually inherit it and used as his main medium for his Over Soul.[2]

After seeing Hana posses it, Asakura Yohane proclaims he does not deserve it and decides to take the Futunomitama no Turugi from him along with his life, but fails and is instead defeated by Hana.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The kanji for sword, 剣, is usually spelled "Tsurugi" in rōmaji, but in the Kang Zeng Bang Shaman Files it is transliterated as "Turugi" The same applies to the "Futsu" which is rendered as "Futu" instead.[4] It is unknown if this is a mistake or intentional.

References[edit | edit source]

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