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Gandhara (ガンダーラ Gandāra) is a Buddhist pacifist organization that is participating in the Shaman Fight. Led by Lady Sati, they are the third great faction in the current Tournament and aim to prevent Asakura Hao from becoming the Shaman King.[1]


Gandhara is one of the oldest known organization, with a history dating well before the birth of Christ. They rose to prominence 2500 years before the current tournament, when their chosen candidate won the Shaman Tournament of that era. Because of this, they have no interest in having one of their group become king again.

In the current Shaman Tournament, Gandhara has participated to save all of humanity and prevent Hao from becoming the Shaman King, who plans to rid the world of all non-shamans. To this end, they have fielded three teams, all of which have made the top eight. Their current goal is to train Five Elemental Warriors, who will wield the Five Grand Elemental Spirits to defeat Hao while he is integrating with the Great Spirit.

Gandhara's Bodhisattva spirits

All the members of the Gandhara are Kami-class Shamans and are incredibly powerful. All their guardian ghosts are those of Bodhisattvas, in a strict adherence to their faith. They all possess Furyoku-nullification abilities, which enable them to defeat most opponents without using violence. Ryu once said that Lady Sati was as strong as Hao.

As a Buddhist organization, Gandhara is a pacifist by nature. They are completely neutral in outlook, and are described as the 'middle way' between the two extremes of the X-Laws and Asakura Hao. However, they also will not hesitate to use force when needed, though they use it only as a last resort and even then just enough to meet their objectives.


Team "Nyorai"[]

Team "Nyorai" e v
Sati Saigan portrait.png
Sati Saigan
(サティ・サイガン Sati Saigan)
The leader of Gandhara and Team Leader of Team "Nyorai", Sati Saigan is a princess of Japanese origin and her followers refer to her as lady. Her Guardian Ghost is Dainichi.

Sati travels to hell and fights Enma Daioh, one of the four Kings of Hell and the Guardian of the Spirit of Earth.

Daiei portrait.png
(大栄 Daiei)
A senior priest from China, Daiei is Sati's advisor and accompanies her wherever she goes. His guardian ghost is Jizoh.
Komeri portrait.png
(コメリ Komeri)
A young Indian girl, Komeri is the youngest shaman affiliated to the Gandhara. Her guardian ghost is Batoh.

Team "Myooh"[]

Team "Myooh" e v
(寂尊 Jakuson)
Jackson portrait.png
The leader of the team, Jackson is a Chinese monk and his guardian ghost is Fudo Myooh. He is defeated by Usui Horokeu in the match against Team "The Ren".

Jackson later travels to hell and fights Izanami in order to retrieve the Spirit of Thunder for Ren.

(ヤイナゲ Yainage)
Yainage portrait.png
Yainage is a Buddhist monk from India and his guardian ghost is Gundali Myooh. He is defeated by Tao Ren in the match against Team "The Ren".

Yainage later travels to hell and fights Anubis in order to retrieve the Spirit of Rain for Horokeu.

(カドゥ Kadu)
Kado portrait.png
Kado is a Buddhist monk from India and his guardian ghost is Aizen Myooh. He is defeated by Horokeu in the match against Team "The Ren".

Kado later travels to hell and fights Mephistopheles in order to retrieve the Spirit of Wind for Chocolove McDonell.

Team "Deva"[]

Team "Deva" e v
Mamy portrait.png
(マミ Mami)
A former writer from Japan, Mamy joined Gandhara after they saved her during an accident in India. She and Samy share Asura as their Guardian Ghost.
Samy portrait.png
(サミ Sami)
A former soprano from Japan, Samy joined Gandhara after they saved her during an accident in India. She and Mamy share Asura as their Guardian Ghost.
Ozam portrait.png
(オーザム Ōzamu)
A former wrestler from India, Ozam channels the Nio through a pair of vajras.


Others e v
(清鏡 Seikyō)
Sei-Kyow portrait.png
A Taiwanese shaman, Sei-Kyow is descended from Japanese priests. His Guardian Ghost is Marishiten.
Aeon Lee
(イオン・リー Ion Rī)
Aeon Lee portrait.png
A shaman from Hong Kong, Aeon Lee's guardian ghost is Shatora.
Tao Jun
(道潤 Dào Jun)
Tao Jun portrait.png
A Dàoshì from the Tao Family, Tao Jun becomes Sati's apprentice and learns how to resurrect others in preparation for reviving the Five Elemental Warriors.
BoZ Brothers
(ボーズ ブラザズ Bōzu Burazazu)
BoZ Brothers reformed.png
After being defeated by Team "The Ren", the BoZ Brothers realize that Asakura Hao does not truly care for them, so they abandon Hao and join up with Gandhara.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the manga Series, the group contains Ten members: Lady Sati, Daiei, Komeri, Kado, Jackson, Yainage, Mamy, Samy, Ozam, Sei-Kyow, and Aeon Lee. They also do not appear in the 2001 anime adaptation.


  • All of their Guardian ghosts are based upon Buddhist gods and beings.
  • Their names are derived from Japanese supermarket chains.
    • Lady Sati - SATY supermarket
    • Komeri - Komeri Co., Ltd.
    • Daiei - The Daiei,Inc.
    • Jackson - JUSCO
    • Yainage - Inageya supermarket
    • Kado - Ito-Yokado
    • Seikyou - Japanese term for Consumer co-op
    • Ion Li - AEON MALL Co., Ltd.
    • Mamy - Mammy Mart Corporation
    • Samy - Summit, INC.
    • Ozam - OZAM Co., Ltd.
  • In the manga series, it was shown that Aeon Lee and Sei-Kyow were apart of Team "Deva" with Samy; however, it was later retconned and Aeon and Sei-Kyow were replaced with Ozam and Mamy.


  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 110

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