Gate of Babylon
Bait and Switch



Gēto Obu Babiron

Japan Air Date

July 24, 2002

English Air Date

February 7, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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The Eighth Angel
Door of Babylon

Gate of Babylon(ゲートオブバビロン) is the 55th episode of Shaman King the anime series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As everyone, but especially Ryu, is depressed about Lyserg, they wonder about what's going to happen to the Shaman Fight. As Ryu then leaves the room, Anna tells everyone to leave him alone, but Manta goes after him. Meanwhile, the X-Laws are talking about the Gate of Babylon. As Meene asks Lyserg if he is in pain because he left his former friends so easily, everyone sympathizes with the "path" Lyserg has to walk now. As Meena states that in order to overcome evil you have to overcome your own sins and pain, Lyserg states that he is okay because he has such wonderful allies now.

As Manta finds a depressed Ryu in the woods, Tokageroh states that it's no use to cheer him up. As Manta tries to capture Ryu's attention, Ryu tells Manta to leave him alone. As Manta states that he just wanted to help everyone in his way, he leaves while crying. Later on, as Manta is sitting depressed under a tree, Ryu shows up and apologizes for his bad behavior. As Ryu fixes his hairstyle, he tells Manta to have more confidence and states that they better go back to the others. Then, Lyserg shows up and captures Manta. As Ryu realizes that he is standing face-to-face with his former friend, Lyserg attacks Ryu with Zelel. As Lyserg is about to leave, he tells Ryu that if Yoh wants to see Manta back, he has to go to the plains in the north. As Lyserg leaves, Ryu is left behind shocked. Meanwhile, the X-Laws are still performing the strange ritual while Mikihisa is watching. As Manta wonders why he was brought there, Marco states that final judgment will be passed at the place.

Later on, Ryu tells the news to Yoh and the others. As Ryu apologizes, Yoh and the others decide to go and save Manta. Meanwhile, Hao is seen starting to Opacho the X-Laws have gone to far this time. Meanwhile, Marco explains to Manta that the ritual they are doing will open the Gate of Babylon that will erase all traces of Hao. As Manta asks if Yoh will be erased as well, Marco states that he will because he is an important half of Hao. Then, Yoh and the others show up and face the X-Laws. As Yoh asks Manta back, Marco states that they will give him back if Yoh cooperates with them. As Marco asks Yoh to kneel down in front of Jeanne, Yoh walks up to Jeanne, despite Manta's screaming. As Yoh is about to step inside the circle of the ritual, Manta breaks free with the help of Mosuke, who was still trapped inside Manta's laptop. As everyone is shocked, the X-Laws attack Yoh. As Yoh clashes with Marco and Lyserg, everyone else uses their Over Soul to help Yoh. As Marco orders to attack, Jeanne tells them to stay back and that she will take care of it. As she comes out of the Iron Maiden, Shamash makes a cage and traps everyone inside the ritual. Then, Hao shows up and captures Jeanne with the Spirit of Fire. As the X-Laws want to attack, Hao tells them that he will kill Jeanne if they do. As Jeanne states that their only purpose is to pass the judgment of justice on him, Hao states that she must not push it. The Spirit of Fire just then burns Jeanne, shocking Yoh and the X-Laws.

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