The Gohukuseitai (五福星隊, Gofukuseitai; lit. Five Blessing Stars Unit) is a group of five elite Jiang Shi created by Tao Yúan.

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These are the elite Jiang Shi of the Tao Family. They were made with the corpses of humans who had mastered several fields. As Jiang Shi, their bodies are not only made of human bodies but also have animal parts and mechanical components that were added to their corpses. Tao Yúan trained them to be loyal to the Tao Family and its justice and they soon became great supporters.[1]

Until sent into battle they are kept in tubes filled with water behind doors that are sealed by a chained lock, though Yúan has shown the ability to shatter the lock by merely pointing at it. Yúan released them to properly welcome Asakura Yoh and his group when they came to rescue his son Tao Ren. The Gohukuseitai were eventually all defeated by the rescue party and the freed Lee Pyron.[2]

At an unknown point Yúan rebuild their destroyed bodies and years later they, alongside other Jiang Shi, were used to save Jun from an attack by the Dong Clan.[3]

Ichi-Johtoh[edit | edit source]

See More: Shamon

Ichi-Johtoh (壱上等, Ichi-Jōtō; lit. First-Class One), formerly known as Shamon, is leader and strongest in the group. When making him, Yúan not only added the spirit but somehow also the face of Shamon to the body. He is the last of the Jiang Shi to be defeated.

Ni-Johtoh[edit | edit source]

Ni-Johtoh (弐上等, Ni-Jōtō; lit. First-Class Two) is a tall green skinned Jiang Shi, with snakes instead of elbows and it carries a pair of sais. It was defeated by Horohoro and Ryu off-screen.

San-Johtoh[edit | edit source]

San-Johtoh (参上等, San-Jōtō; lit. First-Class Three) is the largest of the Gohukuseitai and has the skin and legs of an elephant. After the groups first attack missed, it targeted Usui Horokeu with its feet, but was frozen solid and shattered by Horohoro before it could hit him.

Yon-Johtoh[edit | edit source]

Yon-Johtoh (四上等, Yon-Jōtō; lit. First-Class Four) is a yellow-skinned slender build Jiang Shi with the parts of a leopard, namely, it's tail, it's claws and it's hind legs. It carries a sword and appears to be one of the fastest of the Gohukuseitai. It was the first to attack the group, targeting Umemiya Ryunosuke, but it only managed to cut his foot-long pompadour before he was cleaved in two himself by Ryu when he tried to attack Horohoro from behind.

Go-Johtoh[edit | edit source]

Go-Johtoh (五上等, Go-Jōtō; lit. First-Class Five) is a purple-skinned Jiang Shi that carries an ammo belt around its chest. Its body contains many weapons, ranging from guns to rifles to missiles and it even carries a small knife. The weapons are revealed by opening various parts of its body. It was defeated by Horohoro by freezing him into an ice-block and shattered.

Anime/Manga Difference[edit | edit source]

The Gofukuseitai

In the Kang Zeng Bang Extras, they are given a far more detailed skin coloring than in the anime series where they had purely purple skin similar to all other Jiang Shi, with their animal body parts being the exception.

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References[edit | edit source]

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