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Goldva (ゴルドバ Gorudoba) is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. She was the chieftess of the Patch Tribe.


Goldva is a small stubby old woman dressed in the common Native American Chief robes and is commonly seen smoking a pipe. She has long gray hair and, in the manga series, has a crooked, witch-like nose.


Like most of the Patch Tribe, Goldva has a strong faith in the Great Spirit and will do anything it says without questioning it. She is commonly heard saying that everything is the will of the Great Spirit. Unlike most of the Patch Priests, who take interest in their charges or become a follower of Asakura Hao, Goldva remains neutral during the entire tournament, until Hao is declared the Shaman King and it becomes her duty to protect him, even if it means killing someone.

In the anime series, she is also greatly interested in the successful profit made by the Patch vendors during the Second Round of the Shaman Fight.

Abilities and Powers


See More: Big Chief

Like most of the Patch Tribe, Goldva has a totem bird spirit called Big Chief that uses Goldva's pipe as a medium for the Over Soul. Big Chief is the spirit of a former Chief of the Patch Tribe and a kami-class spirit. The Big Chief is based upon the Native American totem birds, the raven, and the Thunderbird.



Goldva was born on October 1, 1921.

Shaman Fight Second Round

Invading the Plants

When Redseb and Seyrarm Munzer attempt to assassinate Hao, she arrives with her O.S. and proceeds to smash the Golem.[1]

After the invaders fight and defeat Rutherfor and her Grey Saucer O.S., the wall of the plant explodes, revealing Big Chief and Goldva. Goldva states that Lip and Rap are dead and that Hao killed them and absorbed their souls, laughing insanely as it happens. As she steps through with Big Chief, they both are destroyed and their souls consumed by Hao.[2]


When Thalim considered interfering in the fight between Kamogawa Yosuke and Sakutaro Sakurai, he was stopped by Hao and Goldva who reminded him of Hao's intentions for Sakurai as Asakura Hana's new guardian ghost. When Thalim questioned Sakurai's strength, Goldva reminded Thalim, that as Shaman King, Hao's will was always indisputable.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference


  • Like all the other members of the Patch Tribe, Goldva is named after one of the chemicals in the periodic table of elements. Her name is derived from gold.
  • In both the manga and anime series, Goldva is commonly mistaken for male when she is in fact female.


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