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Golem (ゴーレム Gōremu) is a robotic shamanic medium created by Camel Munzer and operated by his children, Redseb and Seyrarm.


Design of the original Golem

The original Golem was made in the first century by a Jewish shaman needing an unstoppable Over Soul, and it was let loose during the Crusades. Camel Munzer found some of the old plans to create a Golem, and he made an upgraded one with mechanical parts but could not power it. When Chocolove McDonell killed Camel, Golem took his soul and used it as a power source. Golem was passed down to Camel's children, Redseb and Seyrarm and they entered the Shaman Fight.

Eventually, Golem is destroyed by Asakura Hao when he has the Spirit of Fire consume Seyrarm's soul.[1]

After the Shaman Fight, the Golem is kept in Funbari Onsen's storage room. It was dormant for several years until it was reactivated by Team YVS.[2][3]

Abilities and Powers[]

Unlike most mediums, Golem is capable of combat without creating an Over Soul. This is because Camel created a Furyoku battery to power Golem that only needs a soul to function. This allows Redseb and Seyrarm, who only have Furyoku ratings of 800, to be able to pilot it.[4] Nonetheless, the battery must still be recharged by consuming souls.[5] It can be activated by voice commands, responding to names of the Sephirot recited in a specific order. Golem is also capable of unlimited regeneration.

Golem's cockpit is located on its chest. Inside, a diagram of the Tree of Sephirot is engraved on the control panel, which activates its various abilities. There is also a panel with a self-destruct switch.[6]

Spirit Search (スピリットサーチ Supiritto Sāchi), a function similar to Reishi, enables Golem to sense and identify people's souls.[7]

Golem possesses the ability to transform into different modes. This alters its outward appearance and also affects its capabilities.

Transformed Version[]

Golem's Transformed Version.

Transformed Version (逆変形バージョン Gyaku Henkei Bājon):[8] Golem's basic fighting mode, it assumes an upright stance and extends out its neck and arms. It attacks using its eye beam and extendable arms.[7]

Sky Mode[]

Golem's Sky Mode.

Sky Mode (クウのモード Kū no Mōdo):[9] By uttering "Keter, Netzach, and Tiferet", Seyrarm is able to transform the Golem into a large bird-like figure that is capable of flight. In this form, it is able to use the sephiroth tree on its body to bombard the ground with beams,[10]

Battle Mode[]

Golem's Battle Mode.

Battle Mode (センのモード Sen no Mōdo):[11] By using the phrase "Shem HaMephorash" Golem takes this form. It took this shape after Asakura Yoh cut of its head. In this mode, Golem appears more humanoid and can use its weapons and combat abilities to their fullest extent.[4]

Sea Mode[]

Golem's Sea Mode.

Sea Mode (カイのモード Kai no Mōdo): This mode is capable of traveling underwater, even at great depths.[12] This form has not shown any combat abilities.


  • Sephirot Blast (セフィロトブラスト Sefiroto Burasuto): Golem's most powerful attack is a powerful beam emanating from a sphere on its head that has the word Emeth inscribed on it. Golem can also take the form of a Sephirot Tree and fire the Sephirot Blast from many lasers on its body.[10]
  • Emeth Blast (真理砲エメトブラスト Emeto Burasuto, lit. "Cannon of Truth"): Another powerful attack, the golem opens his chest plate and fires a big beam.[4]
  • Schwerer (容器の破壊シュヴィーラー Shuvīrā, lit. "Vessel Destruction"): Golem charges Furyoku into its right hand and then punches the target, creating a large explosion.[4]
  • Head Blast (頭砲ヘッドブラスト Heddo Burasuto, lit. "Head Cannon"): Golem fires a beam from the top of its head.[13]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Golem plays rather a big role halfway through the manga series and the 2021 anime series, while in the 2001 anime series, it is only seen once.[14]


  • The word "Emeth" is written on Golem's eye. In a traditional clay golem, this word, which means "truth" in Hebrew, is written on the forehead to bring the golem to life. To kill the golem, the first "e" is erased, changing the word to "meth", which means "he is dead".
    • This is also why אמת (emeth) is written on the self-destruct switch, with the operator needing to press on א (e).
  • Seyrarm says Hebrew words when she uses the power of the Golem; "Hessed" means goodness and "Shem HaMephorash" refers to the full name of God, according to the Jewish religion.
  • The names of the two most powerful attacks of the Golem, Sephirot blast and Emeto blast, come from Hebrew. The Sephirot are the ways to speak directly to God, in the Jewish religion. Emeto is a shrinkage of the word "Emeth".


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