Gororo 2
Japanese Name: ゴロロ
English Name: Gororo
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 183 (manga)
Type: Nature Spirit
Reiryoku Level: 2,300
Shaman: Usui Lycan

Gororo (ゴロロ) is the guardian ghost of Usui Lycan.


He is a Koropokkuru. Because of his unnatural size, he has been shunned by the other Koropokkuru's

When Kurobe Tamiko died in the mountains and refused to leave this world Gororo appeared before her. He gave her the choice to stay and become a nature spirit who would the protect the land.[1]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Because Lycan never appeared in the anime series, Gororo didn't either.



  1. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 288; Page 20-21

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