Great Spirit
Great Spirit
Japanese Name: 大精霊 (グレートスピリッツ)
English Name: King of Spirits
Meaning: "The Creator"
First Appearance: Chapter 107
Episode 45
Type: Kami Class
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: Asakura Hao

The Great Spirit (大精霊 (グレートスピリッツ) Gurēto Supirittsu) (G.S.) is the strongest of all the spirits and, in the English version of the anime series, it was called King of Spirits


The Great Spirit is the oldest and most powerful spirit on the planet. It is nothing more than a shapeless mass of trillions of spirits interconnected. All lifeforms no matter how big or small come from and end up back inside it. The power of this spirit is so immense that most normal people cannot even look at it without fainting. Only the "Shaman King" can touch and control this spirit.



The Great Spirit is guarded by the Patch Tribe for eternity. They are the ones that find a worthy shaman to wield the Great Spirit's power by hosting the Shaman Fights every five hundred years, when the Destiny Star shows itself. The Great Spirit past was a difficult one. Fifteen hundred years ago, the Shaman King created a big volcanic eruption that killed one-third of Earth's population.

Shaman FightsEdit

The Great Spirit is now resting and awaits its new owner. The current Shaman King and the inheritor of the Great Spirit. is Asakura Hao. Hao awakens from the crowning ritual and announces his presence by activating the oracle bell. He sends a message of "how small" to everyone. Hao is ready for his dream to come true.

Over Souls and attacksEdit

O.S. Great SpiritEdit

M greatspirit

O.S. Great Spirit[1]

  • Shaman: Asakura Hao
  • O.S. Type: Armor O.S.
  • Spirit Ally: Great Spirit
  • Medium: Hao's own body

Description: After Hao obtains the power and title of the Shaman King, the Five Elemental Warriors confront him inside the Great Spirit, prompting Hao to materialize this Over Soul. Much like how the Five Grand Elemental Spirits (Godaiseirei) has domain over their respective elements, this Over Soul possesses the ability to control any aspect that the universe retains. The majority of this Over Soul's attacks are centered upon a small star that is created and contained between the two large pillars emanating from its back. Although the scale of this star is far from that of the real one, the heat it emits is unbearable, making it very difficult to remain in close proximity for extended periods.


  • Solar Flare (太陽面爆発(フレア),"Furea"): Through imitating an actual solar flare, the Great Spirit is able to generate both extremely high-temperature solar winds and super concentrated radioactivity in order to produce a highly damaging and wide-ranging attack.
  • Prominence (紅炎(プロミネンス), "Purominensu"): This attack makes use of the huge pillars of gas extending tens of thousands of kilometers over the actual sun to directly attack an opponent, drastically increasing the temperature and radioactivity received.
  • Comet (彗星(コメット), "Kometto"): This technique produces a large comet, composed of ice and other frozen gases, within one of the O.S. Great Spirit's hands. However, rather than throwing it towards an enemy, it makes a slashing motion with significant force, using the comet's tail in a similar manner to a sword's blade.
  • Meteor (隕石(メテオ),"Meteo"): By opening up numerous compartments along the lengths of both its arms and legs, the O.S. Great Spirit can create huge amounts of meteors that can subsequently be launched and directed towards multiple opponents.
  • Supernova (超新星(スーパーノヴァ), "Sūpānova"): Through creating and forcing a star to undergo its final stages of evolution, it explodes in both an incredibly powerful and wide-ranging blast; referred to as a supernova. The actual event is so powerful that it momentarily out-shines the whole galaxy. However, even with its reduction in size, Yoh comments that if it had been real life, it "would have disintegrated the Earth".
  • Black Hole (ブラックホール, "Burakku Hōru"): After performing the attack Supernova, the gravitational collapse of the remnants continues to occur, resulting in a gravitational field with such an incredibly high density that even light cannot escape. This phenomenon is referred to as a Black Hole. The attack itself absorbs anything present within the surrounding area, trapping it inside forever with no possibility to return.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime series, The Great Spirit had the power to transfer any feelings it had to the surrounding area which it did with the Patch tribe and the remaining shaman fighters. Hao succeeded in gaining the Great Spirit and had the Spirit of Fire get inside of the great spirit and consume from inside while Spirit of Fire was being reborn in a golden hue ten times its previous size. With it, new found power was later the spirit of fire was eventually cut in half by Asakura Yoh in the final battle and ending the final fight and dissolving the Over Soul Patch Village. The Great Spirit was freed from Hao and the Destiny Star that announces the Shaman Fight comes again and the fight starts all over again.



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