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Great Spirits (グレートスピリッツ) is the 45th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As everyone is camping, Yoh and the others are talking about reaching the Patch Village. As everyone is arguing about that they might have gone the wrong way, their spirits state that they didn't because they can feel "someone" calling them from the Great Spirit.

Later on, as Yoh and the others find a strange town, Amidamaru states that he can feel that somewhere in the ruins of the town, is the place where they must go. As they arrive at a lake and Amidamaru confirms that they need to go in there, Yoh and the others dive and swim through the hole in the lake. After a long swim, in where they almost didn't catch a breath for too long, they arrive at the surface and find another cave. As Yoh and the others walk through the gate, they talk about the fact that only one person can become the Shaman King in the end. As Yoh and the others reach a dead end, Amidamaru states that he can "feel" it. As a light flashes and a voice states that only chosen Shamans will pass, Yoh and the others find themselves in another town all of a sudden.

Later on, Yoh is seen waking up, as he walks through an empty town, he keeps on finding the mediums of his friends. As he finds everyone hanging unconscious in a tree and tries to reach them, he gets pushed back by a force and hears a voice saying that he should "go back" because "it's useless" because he "could never make it". As Yoh attacks the force because he does not want to let his friends behind, he then finally wakes up and realizes it was just a dream. Then, Silva is in Yoh's hotel room and tells him that he gained the Great Spirit's blessing. As Yoh asks if they've reached Patch Village, Silva tells him that they did and then brings Yoh to Anna and the others. As Yoh asks Anna how did get to Patch Village, Anna tells him that there was another cave that led them. Then, as Hao shows up and all of a sudden, Yoh sees his dream over again.

As he gets to the point where Hao shows up again, Hao tells them that the Great Spirit is where all the spirits in the world gather. Then, the X-Laws show up. Then, Goldva makes an announcement that tells all the Shamans to welcome to the Shaman Fight. Then, Goldva explains that the Shaman Fight will be held in groups of three people. Later on, Yoh decides to be a team with Ryu and Johann Faust VIII, and Ren forms a team with Horohoro and Chocolove. As Yoh asks everyone how they obtained the Great Spirit's blessing, they tell that they all made a stand for each other as friends to convince the Great Spirit to let them in.

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