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Great Spirits’ Guardians
Guardian Spirits
Japanese Name:
English Name:
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Episode 60 (Anime)
Reiryoku Level: Unknown
Shaman: Great Spirit

Great Spirits’ Guardians () are fictional spirits from anime series of Shaman King.


The Great Spirits' Guardians are send to approachers of the Great Spirit. The guardians are asking one to "show them their soul" and cannot be beaten easily. Hao was able to defeat three of them with the help of the Spirit of FireYoh wasn't able to defeat them but was able to walk past them after showing them his determination to defeat Hao. RenHorohoroRyuChocoloveFaust VIII and Lyserg where able to defeat them after being knocked back a few times, but still keeping determined to follow Yoh. Jun and Lee Pyron where defeated by the Great Spirits' Guardians but where saved by Anna, who was able to go after Yoh after defeating them by summoning Zenki and Goki.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

The Great Spirits’ Guardians are anime only spirits and therefore, they never make an appearance in the manga.



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