Green Seeds
Green Seeds
Japanese Name: グリンシーズ
English Name:
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 292
Type: Seirei Class
Reiryoku Level: 4,700
Shaman: Thalim of the Ten Patch Officiants

Green Seeds(グリンシーズ, "Gurin Shīzu") is the Guardian Ghost of Thalim of the Ten Patch Officiants


Green Seeds is a vegetal spirit, composed of numerous souls from various tiny plants. Vegetal spirits are said to be the oldest and wisest of spirits present on Earth. The Over Souls formed from this collection of spirits, only requires the use of one of the plant souls at a time, meaning that they need only a small amount of Furyoku and so are extremely efficient. The large variety of the plants and their properties, available to Thalim means that he can deal with almost all situations with ease.

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Green SeedsEdit

Talim Over Soul

O.S. Green Seeds

O.S. Green Seeds (O.S. グリンシーズ, Gurin Shīzu)

Description: With Green Seeds Over Souled through various small plants and alike, Thalim can manipulate nature, creating numerous offensive and defensive forms, dependent upon the individual plant used to create the Over Soul. Due to the wide variety of the plants and their properties, it can be adapted to perfectly negate an opponents abilities, even being able to dispel Tao Ren's Thunder God of The Nine Skies attack, by Over Souling a tree around Thalim himself so as to disperse the electric current into the ground.[1]

O.S. Eastern Skunk CabbageEdit

Skunk Cabbage

O.S. Eastern Skunk Cabbage

O.S. Eastern Skunk Cabbage(O.S. ザゼンソウ, Zazensou)

Description: This Over Soul is formed from the plant, Eastern Skunk Cabbage, which flowers still bloom even below freezing. This plant can also generate temperatures higher than 22 degrees above air temperature in the winter. These properties, combined with its high level of physical resistance, make it a perfect defense against both cold and strong attacks, easily blocking Horohoro's Nipopo Punch.[2]

O.S. ClematisEdit


O.S. Clematis

O.S. Clematis(O.S. クレマチス, Kuremachisu)

Description: This Over Soul is formed from the plant, Clematis, and is able to restrict multiple enemies movements by binding their limbs individually with its lianas. These vines were strong enough to contain both Ren and Horohoro, with no availability for escape.[3]

O.S. Impatiens BalsaminaEdit

Garden Balsam

O.S. Impatiens Balsamina

O.S. Impatiens Balsamina (O.S. ホウセンカ, Housenka)

Description: This Over Soul is formed from the plant, Impatiens Balsamina. Once the flowers within this species of the plant open, it throws its seeds very far away in order to widely spread its descendants. This property is greatly magnified within this oversoul, meaning the large fired seeds can be directed towards an opponent, resulting in multiple powerful blows upon impact.[4]

O.S. MarginatocereusEdit


O.S. Marginatocereus

O.S. Marginatocereus (O.S. マルギナトケレウス, Maruginatokereusu)

Description: This oversoul takes the form of a large Pachycereus cactus, surrounding the entirety of Thalim's left arm. This cactus stores large amounts of water inside of it to support an incredibly dry climate. This property results in fire-based attacks being largely ineffective against it. This Over Soul was designed to defend Thalim against the fire-based attacks of Lyserg Diethel.

However, seeing how effective the other Over Souls was, Lyserg withheld his attack and the full properties of this Over Soul is never revealed.[5]

O.S. RafflesiaEdit


O.S. Rafflesia

O.S. Rafflesia (O.S. ラフレシア, Rafuresia)

Description: This Over Soul assumes the form of the worlds second most noxious flower, Rafflesia. The pungent odor it releases directly attacks the opponent's nose, overwhelming their sense of smell and making them unable to attack further. Knowing how Chocolove McDonell relied on his keen sense of smell when he fought, Thalim created this Over Soul for the very purpose of turning that ability into a weapon, as the Rafflesia's extremely strong and disgusting smell, instantly paralyzed Chocolove on contact with his nose and forcing him to cut up even his own nose.[6]

O.S. Great Impatiens BalsaminaEdit

Great Impatiens Balsam

O.S. Great Impatiens Balsamina

O.S. Great Impatiens Balsamina (O.S. ダイホウセンカ, Dai Housenka)

Description: This Over Soul is a progression of Thalim's other Over Soul, O.S. Impatiens Balsamina. It relies on the same concept as its predecessor, by attacking through firing large seeds directed towards an opponent, resulting in multiple powerful blows upon impact. However, this over soul greatly multiplies its form of attack, as it features three large leaves covered in hundreds of individual Impatiens Balsams, that completely surround an opponent.

By firing the huge amount of seeds present simultaneously, it leaves an opponent with no opportunity to escape or avoid the attack.

The full extent of the attack was never seen though, as Chocolove was able to defeat the Over Soul before its attack made contact.[7]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Because Thalim never appeared in the anime series, neither did Green Seeds.


  • Green Seeds is a not an individual spirit but is instead composed of numerous souls from various tiny plants.


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