Grey Saucer
Grey Saucer
Japanese Name: グレイソーサー
English Name:
Meaning: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 278(Manga)
Reiryoku Level: 40,000
Shaman: Rutherfor of the Ten Patch Officiants

Grey Saucer (グレイソーサー, "Gurei Sōsā") is the Guardian Ghost of Rutherfor of the Ten Patch Officiants


Long before the first Shaman Fight, a U.F.O crash near the Patch village. The Patch rescued the dying alien within and healed him. Grey Saucer befriended the Patch and taught them the secrets of what eventually became the famous "traditional Patch art", such as the Oracle Bell. He stayed with the Patch until his natural death at the age of 100.

Rutherfor claims that Grey Saucer was on Earth investigating humans because intelligent beings need to be constantly striving to control their wisdom. She hints that the entire reason for the Shaman Fight is to investigate the goals and ideas within the human heart.[1]

Oversouls and AttacksEdit

O.S. Grey SaucerEdit


O.S. Grey Saucer

O.S. Grey Saucer(O.S. グレイソーサー)

Description: Rutherfor appears as an alien dressed in a Patch robe and floating on a flying saucer. Rutherfor's eyes can be seen through the larger alien eyes.[2]

With this Over Soul, Rutherfor creates a full body Over Soul which allows her to breathe and move freely in the absolute vacuum of her plant and even manipulate gravity with Furyoku as a way of attacking opponents. The main disadvantage of this is that it relies upon Furyoku to instigate these unique abilities, meaning that an opponent who has mastered Furyoku nullification can render the attacks useless.


Mystery Circle

Mystery Circle

  • Mystery Circle(ミステリーサークル, "Misuterīsākuru"): Using Grey Saucer, Rutherfor's telekinetic attack forms an imprint reminiscent of a crop circle, which uses her Furyoku to control the local gravity around an opponent, so as to twist them. This places them under extreme pressure and strain.
  • Super Mystery Circle(スーパーミステリーサークル, "Sūpāmisuterīsākuru"): A stronger version of the Mystery Circle attack, able to bring damage to the entire of Ryu's Yamato no Orochi Go.
  • Cattle Mutilation(キャトルミューティレイション, "Kyatoru Myūtirēshon"): With this technique, Rutherfor can telekinetic amplify the gravity in a specific location, this subsequent increase is enough to cause several objects to collide together and remain stuck.
  • Heavy G(ヘビーG, "Hebī G"): O.S. Grey Saucer drastically increases the forces of gravity upon its opponent, crushing them under the tremendous forces, and making it impossible to move.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Because Rutherfor never made her appearance in the anime series, neither did Grey Saucer.


  • Grey Saucer is similar to the stereotypical image of an alien (noticeably a Grey), and a flying saucer.


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  2. Shaman King Manga - Chapter 277; Page 6

External LinksEdit

  • Grey Saucer - A Wikipedia article about Greys, the alleged extraterrestrial race that Grey Saucer is based on.
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