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Hans Reiheit (ハンス・ライハイト, "Hansu Raihaito") is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He is a former member of the X-Laws.


Reiheit is a tall man. His face is firmly built, with a wide forehead, waist-long smooth dark green hair, while he has a goatee. He appears lean build, but with a somewhat muscular body.

He is commonly seen wearing a casual X-Laws uniform, with dark gray military pants and knee-length black boots. He wears the holster for his Steyr-AUG on the left side of his belt, although it appears to be too small for the large weapon.


Hans is a very caring man that enjoys the company of others. He is proud to have been a X-Laws and claims to still follow the ideals of Iron Maiden Jeanne. However he also believes that "the sacred girl has lost her splendor, by joining the enemy and no longer has the right to live".[1]

He is said to be violent and aggressive which would eventually lead to his exile from the X-Laws. After being killed and revived again, he seemingly changes his look on life and even proposed to Amano Teruko.

Abilities and Powers[]


See More: Azazel

His Guardian Ghost is Fallen Angel Azazel (堕天使・アザゼル, Azazeru) who, with its Reiryoku level of 470,000;[1] is the strongest of all the Archangels, even stronger than the Spirit of Fire and holds the power to destroy an entire island. Unfortunately, Reiheit only has enough Furyoku to maintain the Over Soul for three seconds, and if the Over Soul is broken, the resulting damage is enough to cause his own death.[1]



Hans was born on March 13, 1970 and is from Vienna, Austria. He would eventually become part of the X-Laws. How he became part of the X-Laws is unknown, however, what is known is that he also became their weapons keeper, and would eventually be exiled for his violent behavior making him a fallen one.[2] Before his exile, Reiheit wanted to participate in the Shaman Fights, reasoning he was the best combatant in the group, but was prohibited, which led to a big fight with Marco Lasso.[3]

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

When a fleet of ships attack the island where the Shaman Fights were being held, Reiheit and Amano Teruko was hired by Oyamada Mansumi and told that if all three the ships they were on survived, they would each receive 1 Billion Yen as payment.

When Hao attacked the human fleet of battleships, only one ship was left intact. On that ship was Reiheit. Announcing the Reiryoku level of his archangel he called it a monster stronger than the Spirit of Fire. Protecting the ship for a sum of several millions of dollars, he is asked by Teruko why he wasn't interested in becoming Shaman King. Claiming he was still following the ideals of Iron Maiden Jeanne, he also knew Jeanne had joined up with the enemy and for that reason did not deserve to live. Announcing his beliefs he aimed at Hao and fired Azazel. Revealing his gigantic angel to Hao, Hao called him small and attacked the angel. The oversoul collapsed and in turn, the strain from the Over Soul killed Reiheit.[1]

Invading the Plants[]

When Teruko woke up on the beach she finds Reiheit sitting on a stone next to her and tells her that her clothes were soaking wet and that he had to remove them to let them dry. He reveals to her that all the victims of Hao`s assault on the fleet were revived and are now withdrawing. He speculates that everything will be fine because such a paranormal phenomenon will be questioned but otherwise kept a secret forever, and surely will be forgotten.

When Teruko begins to cry, frustrated that she would not receive the millions as promised and unable to marry now she had been seen naked against her own will, Reiheit suddenly proposes to her and though she scolds him he only asks if he is not good enough.[4] He is later seen with Teruko leaning happily against his chest on the beach.[5]

Reiheit later appears within the Great Spirit having prepared something beforehand with Marco Lasso and shoots Jeanne's Iron Maiden with her inside it at Hao from the chest of Azazel.[6]


Hans guarding Jeanne´s grave

Hans, and everyone else within the Great Spirit during the final confrontation with Hao, was revived at some point after the Shaman Fights. Hans would eventually marry Teruko and when Jeanne and Ren were married, Hans, along with the other members of the X-Laws, sans Marco, participated.[7]

Unknown to the Tao Family Hans somehow learned about the death of Jeanne and together with John & Meene volunteered to stand guard at her grave, without even being asked.[8] After the Dong Clan called a ceasefire and agreed with the Tao family to settle their affairs, during the Flower of Maize, Hans decided to look for Marco Lasso and have him help retrieve Jeanne´s soul.[7]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Hans Reiheit is a manga only character.


  • His favorite food is Riz Yoruse.


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