Hao's followers
Hao's followers 2
Japanese Name: ハオの信者
Romanized Name: "Hao no shinja"
English Name: Zeke's Henchman
Leader: Asakura Hao
First Appearance: Chapter 26 (Manga)
Episode 25 (Anime)
Total Furyoku: 1,706,600(Initial)

Hao's followers(ハオの信者,"Hao no shinja") is one of the three largest groups in the Shaman Tournament.


Hao's men

Hao's followers, at the time he found them.

After escaping the Asakura Family household right after his birth, Asakura Hao began traveling the world in search of other Shamans.[1] Because Hao regards money as a primary reason behind the corruption in society, he refuses to use it and has his group follow the philosophy of being completely self-sufficient - even if it means stealing something to obtain it.[2]



see more: Team "Hoshi-Gumi"

Team Hoshi-Gumi in the manga

Team Hoshi-Gumi (星組, Star) is Hao's own team, consisting of himself, Luchist Lasso, and Opacho. Most of the time Hao fought his battles alone, and he eventually ended up as the Shaman King, making this team the winners of the Shaman Fight.


see more: Team "Hana-Gumi"

Team Hana-Gumi in the manga

Team Hana-Gumi (花組, Flower) is a trio of shamans who are the only girls in Hao's group, consisting of Kanna Bismarch, Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse and are often confused as witches. They are among the Teams that advanced to the second Round, but they are ultimately massacred by Peyote. After their deaths, they as ghosts find Hao and beg him for help, but he only attempts to devour their souls to gain Reiyoku. However Kyōyama Anna saves and later revives them, causing the three girls to reconsider their lives. They are eventually hired by Tamamura Tamao to work as waitresses for the Funbari Onsen.[3]


see more: Team "Tsuchi-Gumi"
Team Earth 2

Team Tsuchi-Gumi in the manga.

Team Tsuchi-Gumi (土組, Earth) is a short-lived team that fought in the first battle of the Second Rounds against Team "The Ren". The BoZ Brothers quickly lost to Chocolove McDonell but their unconscious bodies were used by Peyote Diaz as mediums for his oversouls. Despite this, the team still lost and the Boz Brothers left the group and joined Gandhara. Peyote eventually betrayed Hao and killed many of his allies, before eventually taking his own life.


see more: Team "Tsuki-Gumi"

Team Tsuki-Gumi in the manga.

Team Tsuki-Gumi (月組, Moon) is one of Asakura Hao's teams that advance to the Second Rounds of the Shaman Fight. The Members are Mohamed Tabarsi, Bill Burton, and Hang Zang-Ching. The Team was scheduled to fight Team "Funbari Onsen" during the Second Round of the Shaman Fight, however, they all ultimately were massacred by Peyote before they could compete further.


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Team Kaze-Gumi in the manga

Team Kaze-Gumi  (風組, Wind) is another team of Hao's Followers, consisting of; Boris Tepes Dracula, Kouji Yamada, and Brocken Meyer. The Team was the only team of Hao's followers that didn't make it to the Patch Village or the second round of the Tournament when both Kouji and Boris were killed by Boris himself and Marco respectively. The third member, however, Brocken was usually seen hanging around with Bill Burton after the deaths of his teammates. essentially disbanding the team.


Anahol Pokki

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Anahol Pokki, the twin brother of Anatel Pokki, appeared to be a subordinate of Hao as well, claiming he had given him greater powers than his brother, as well as showing strong loyalty to Hao, being relieved when the former had shown up to help him in a tense situation. It is unknown if he was apart of a team of Hao followers, or simply acted on his own, as it appeared his only aim was to avenge his twin brother's death.

Anime/Manga Difference


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Ashil (known as Basil in the English version of the Anime series) is a powerful shaman, who was loyal to Hao who replaced Boris' role of being the first on-screen victim of the X-Laws and their Archangels. Ashil is rather cocky and pretentious, believing it would be easy to kill Yoh and his friends because of his easily regenerating guardian ghost. Ashil has deep feelings for Hao and is quite jealous of Hao's interest in Yoh, allowing his deeper feelings to overpower his loyalty. He defied Hao to "accidentally" kill Yoh when he was ordered to have Yoh alive and to kill his friends. When the battle started, "Big Guy" Bill Burton captures Yoh and makes sure that he doesn't reach his friends, who are fighting Against Ashil. In the end, Ashil was shot by Marco of the X-Laws and the Archangel Michael.


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