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Harusame (春雨, Sword of Light in the English version of the anime series) was the personal katana of Amidamaru and later the main medium used for Over Soul by Asakura Yoh.


Harusame is a katana with a hilt wrapped in red cloth and a golden tsuba with indentions at the four corners and crescent markings on the sides of the blade. The scabbard is charcoal-black.

It is the greatest blade created by the Blacksmith Mosuke when he and Amidamaru were in their youth. During that time, the two protected a group of orphans with Amidamaru fighting off bandits and would often break the blades he used. Because it was almost impossible for Mosuke to gain any quality steel, he could not forge one for Amidamaru, until one day he decided to use a small knife, the only thing he inherited from his late father and created a katana.

It was believed that with Harusame, Amidamaru would never lose a fight and ironically he died fighting the one time he was unable to use it. Hundreds of years later it was put on display in a glass case at a local museum. Mosuke's spirit watched over the rusted katana, often crying over it, until Asakura Yoh appeared and used Mosuke's spirit to repair the blade.

It has twice been broken since. The first time was when the spirit of a bandit Tokageroh, who was killed by Amidamaru, stole it and used it against Amidamaru to get his revenge. After it was repaired again, Yoh never returned it and instead kept it, using it as a medium for his Over Soul with Amidamaru. The second time was when Yoh clashed with the Archangel Michael[1] and Mosuke was once again summoned to repair it again.

After the Shaman Tournament in the year 2000, it somehow came into the possession of Tamamura Tamao who, when she snapped, used it to run amok in Tokyo for three years straight.[2] Tamao would later use it as a medium for her Over Soul with Dai Tengu.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]


  • The name of the blade comes from the time when Amidamaru, touched by Mosuke's work, shed a tear on it and claimed it was a raindrop.


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