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Hēi Táo (黒桃 (コクトー) Kokutō) is the spirit of Bason's warhorse from when he was still alive. Ren integrated the spirit into his horse Bái-Feng (白鳳 (ハクオー) Hakuō, lit. "White Feng").


In his days as an ancient Chinese warrior, Bason rode into battle on a horse named Hei-Tao. According to Ren, Hei-Tao was able to find enemies in the dark, see-through any attack, and reach enemies in an instant.

Over Souls and Attacks[]

O.S. Bason, Big Over Soul[]

O.S. "Bason Big Over Soul"

Big O.S. Bason

  • Shaman: Tao Ren
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Bason (human ghost), Hei-Tao (animal ghost)
  • Medium used: Basontou(Over Soul), Hakuoh[1] (Hyōi Gattai)

Description: As Ren charges more Furyoku into the O.S., Bason's body begins to materialize on a higher plane of existence, ultimately materializing his whole upper body, though in colossal proportion. At this phase, Bason O.S. can assist with the halberd's attacks using his fists, or can handle the guandao itself (i.e. Super-Golden Vorpal Dance). It Also has the ability to throw high voltage discharges.[2]

When first shown during his fight with Yoh, Ren only pumped in enough Furyoku to only materialize his upper body armor and helmet with a large spear tip at the top of the helmet. With this Over Soul Ren can fly using his Furyoku as a propellant. Pumping in more Furyoku the Over Soul also gains Bason's arms and with even more it completely materializes Bason's upper body.


  • Golden Punch (ゴールデンパンチ, Gōruden Panchi): Materializing Bason's arms, Ren can use his Over Soul to punch his opponent with great force and speed. This was first seen used again Yoh.
  • Double Golden Sledgehammer (ゴールデンダブルスレッジハンマー, Gōruden Daburu Surejjihanmā): With this technique, Ren uses both fists of his Over Souled Bason. Gathering both fists together, Bason slams them down on an opponent following the movement of the guandao which does the same thing.
  • Chou Golden Chūka Zanmai (超ゴールデン中華斬舞, Super Golden Chinese Slash Dance): Over Souling Bason's complete upper body at the tip of his guandao Ren allows Bason to wield an Over Soul guandao. Doing this Bason can use the Vorpal Dance with great power and size. This attack also seems to make Ren's hair spike grow. This was first seen used against Yoh.
  • Kanzen Saigen Chūka Zanmai (完全再現中華斬舞, Perfect Re-enactment Chinese Slash Dance): Ren stands atop the giant Bái-Feng and holds his guandao that has the materialized upper body of Bason at the tip.[3] Using Hei-Tao's incredible speed with the size of Bái-Feng's body, none of Ren's attacks can be dodged. Using these two spirits in unison, Ren can now do the Perfect Re-enactment of the Vorpal Dance which is also its most powerful version to date, with tremendous strength and speed to back it up.[4] As noted by Johann Faust VIII who watched his fight, this attack has a risk added as one depletes more Furyoku by controlling two spirits at the same time.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]


  • A "Feng" is a type of male Chinese bird, which makes up one half of the famed Fenghuang of Chinese mythology.


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