Horohoro’s Taste of a Bitter Friendship
A Very Trey Day



Horohoro Nigai Tomo no Aji

Japan Air Date

February 13, 2002

English Air Date

January 7, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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Forest of Holy Spirits
Mysterious Asakura

Horohoro’s Taste of a Bitter Friendship(ホロホロ苦い友の味) is the 32nd episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Yoh and the others are waiting along the road while Ryu is trying to call Billy, Billy is seen with trying to fix problems with the motor of his truck. As Yoh and the others are complaining about not having anything to drink or eat, Horohoro decides to search for some food. Later on as Horohoro tries to catch an deer, but he gets interrupted by Allen and his Over Soul. As Allen asks how Horohoro knows about Oversoul, they get in a conversation about Shamans and the Shaman Fight, where Allen rejected his participation offer for. Allen then tells Horohoro that he lives inside the forest and that he protects it. As Allen doesn't let Horohoro take one of the animals that live there, he states that he will take Horohoro to a town. Meanwhile at Yohmei's house, Anna talks with him about the 1080 Rosary Beads. As Yohmei asks Anna to do the purification ritual, Anna starts meditating under a waterfall in a very cold river. Meanwhile, As Horohoro and Allen reach the road that leads to a town, many demolition trucks show up and are about to destroy parts of the forest. As the demolition trucks are busy cutting trees, Allen shows up tries to destroy the trucks with his Over Soul. As Allen wants to deal a serious blow on the trucks, Horohoro stops him while stating that what Allen is doing, is not the right thing.

As Allen tells Horohoro that the trucks have been trying to destroy the forest for a long time now, more trucks show up. As Allen wants to destroy them again, Horohoro confronts him with his Over Soul. Horohoro is then able to knock Allen back and to tell him that his methods won't solve anything. As Allen runs away and stops an oncoming truck, the truck falls off a cliff and explodes, setting the forest on fire. As Allen can't believe what he has done, all the animals are seen trying to get away from the flames. As Allen is desperate, he and Horohoro realize that the forest will be destroyed at this rate. Horohoro then states that the only way to save the forest is to destroy the trees that are already burning. As Allen tells him that he can't do such a thing, Horohoro destroys the trees himself using Ikupasuy

Later on, Horohoro returns to Yoh and the others with lots of food. As everyone is done eating, Horohoro states that it's now time to give nature something back. Meanwhile, Anna is seen completing her ritual. As Anna asks Yohmei what's going to happen now, Yohmei states that it has already begun 13 years ago. Later on, Yoh and the others are seen planting new trees at the place where the forest was destroyed by the fire. Later on, Hao is seen talking to a mysterious boy. As the mysterious boy asks him if it's okay to kill Yoh if he's weak, Hao tells him it won't be a problem.

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