Japanese Name: iパッチ
Romanized Name: iPacchi
English Name:
First Appearance: Remix Track 1 (Manga)
Wielder: Patch Tribe

The IPatch(iパッチ, iPacchi) is the latest in traditional art developed by the Patch Tribe.


The IPatch is a small spiritual tablet computer that uses the Great Spirit as a server. It gives the user access to music, pictures and information about the past fights in the Shaman Tournament, such as the small chat between Faust VIII and Theodoros Alogospoulos before their fight, Asakura Yoh's more embarrassing moments during his training, Tao Ren's taste in food and much more.

Before being named "iPatch", the Patch Tribe considered naming it Gara-Patch and they argued alot about it. Only one copy is known to have been produced and was sent by Silva to Oyamada Manta.[1] It was later destroyed by Asakura Hana after his uncle Asakura Hao fooled him into believing an advertisement for Shaman King Zero was an important message about his father Asakura Yoh.[2].


  • It is based on the Apple Company's iPad


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