Japanese Name: アイスメン
Romanized Name: "Aisumen"
English Name: Team "Iceland"
Leader: Pino Graham
First Appearance: Chapter 127
Episode 43
Total Furyoku: 6,900(Initial)

The Icemen (アイスメン, "Aisumen") is a group of shamans who entered the Shaman Tournament.


A group of three shamans from the northern parts of Europe. Training and hardening their pride and duty through the coldness, these shamans are notable for their teamwork, using each other's shamanic abilities to complement one another in order to defeat their opponents. Their pride is initially injured by Yoh, whose relaxed demeanor and sense of confidence in their fight are taken as arrogance.

The team's leader Pino Graham, offended by Yoh's apparent disregard for the Icemen's pride, forces the team to try and prove their own worth in the Shaman Fight. However, the revealed combined power of Yoh, Faust and Ryu make the team realize that they are sorely outmatched and the team is defeated, though Yoh manages to leave their pride intact by not holding back against them despite the evident differences in their power.

After their defeat, the group try to leave the island but were attacked by Hao's followers who want to offer their souls to Hao and the Spirit of Fire.


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Pino Graham
Pino Gureamu
[[Image:|200px]] The leader of the Icemen. He hails from Ireland and has the power to control temperature.
Zria Gagarik
Zoriya Gagariku
The silent one of the Icemen. She hails from Russia and has the power to create and control water. [[Image:|200px|]]
Tona Papik Cadimahide
Tona Papiku Kajimahide
[[Image:|200px|]] The "Muscle Man" of the Icemen. He hails from Iceland and has incredible strength.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Team "Icemen" were shown in one episode and the fight between Team "Funabari Onsen" and they were short and the battle ended the same way. They returned again in another episode when Hao was close to getting the Great Spirit they fought Hao's followers and held them off long enough for Yoh and the others to get to the Great Spirit.



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