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Japanese Name: イクパスイ
Romanized Name: Ikupasui
English Name: n/a
First Appearance: Chapter 77(Manga)
Episode 25(Anime)
Type: Charm
Wielder: Usui Horokeu

The Ikupasuy(イクパスイ,Ikupasui) is a prayer stick and good luck charm wielded by Usui Horokeu.


An Ikupasuy is a carved wooden stick used for prayer by the Ainu Tribe and the carvings have a very deep meaning to the Ainu. It is also a good luck charm and the one carrying it will be protected by the gods.[1]

The one carried by Horokeu was crafted to him by his little sister Usui Pirica and would later become the main medium for two of his Over Souls.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

In the anime series it also served as the medium for Horokeu's Giant Over Soul.[2]


  • In Ainu language "Ikupasuy" translates into "Prayer Stick".


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