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It's Training! Everyone Gather!(特訓だよ!?全員集合) is the 52nd episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Yoh and the others are attending a Shaman Fight between Team "Hoshi-Gumi" and Team "T-Production", they witness Hao brutally killing his opponents using the Spirit of Fire. Later on, everyone is talking about Hao's team while eating lunch. As Yoh asks Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants what would happen if he would interfere one of Hao's matches to stop him, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants states that it's a rule for all 10 Patch Officiants to make sure that someone will not interfere a Shaman Fight. Meanwhile, Team "The Ren" and Ryu are arguing about who's the strongest team. Then, Mikihisa shows up and states that he wonders who is the strongest team anyway, Team "The Ren" or Team "Funbari Onsen". Then, it's decided that both teams will have a practice match, however Mikihisa asks both teams if they've got a special strategy for the moment when they've got to fight the Spirit of Fire, both teams are trying to think of ideas. As Mikihisa starts the practice match, both teams have come up with the idea to combine their Over Souls into one. As both teams clash multiple times, Anna states that they're not strong enough. Mikihisa then shows that he can easily let the combined Over Soul falls apart with his spirits. After the fight, states that the size of their Over Souls doesn't matter and therefore, he wants to help them train on how to use their Furyoku better. Then, Mikihisa orders both teams to write something on a grain of rice with a Japanese paintbrush. After everyone has finished and asked where the training was for, Mikihisa tells them that it was only preparation so far. Then, Mikihisa throws all the grains of rice from a cliff and told Yoh and the others to go and look for the one that they've written on. As everyone is wondering how they should use their Furyoku to find it somehow, they start searching. As everyone is searching in their own way, no one finds their grain of rice. Then, it's decided that Team "Funbari Onsen"'s next match is up against Team "Ocean Three".

Meanwhile. the Lily Five are figure out a battle Strategy. however As Yoh and the others come back from outside and ask the Lily Five and ask why they haven't had a fight yet, however, Lilly states that their oracle bell has not been beeping in years. thinking it was broken. Meanwhile back at Team "The Ren" is still searching for their grains of rice. The next morning, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants starts the fight between Team "Funbari Onsen" and Team "Ocean Three". As everyone uses their Oversoul, Against Team "Ocean Three". however they easily able to dodge Yoh and the others' attacks with their giant Over Souls that are a way to bigger than theirs. As Ryu gets flattened while Yoh and Johann Faust VIII decide to create their own Big Over Souls as well. however Yoh and Faust then finally defeats Team "Ocean Three" and wins the match.  

As Yoh and the others return to the cafe tried, Yoh and the others are disappointing that they were not able to use their new training in their match. As everyone then hears the Oracle Bell beeping and realize that it's not because a new match for Team "Funbari Onsen", but the Lily Five finally gets a match. As the Lily Five make fun of the name Team "Hoshi-Gumi", Yoh and the others turn around in horror and shocked and tell them that they've got to fight Hao's team. however As the Lily Five tries to think who is hao's team is, they soon panic in fear, meanwhile, Hao is seen outside of patch village and comments that "Lily Five" look tiny and that he will "crush them".

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