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Jiang Shi (キョンシー Kyonshī) are human bodies controlled through special paper talismans. They are the specialties of the Tao and Dong Families.

A shaman who uses this method is called a Dàoshì (道士 Dōshi).[1]


The talismans are placed on the bodies' foreheads and suppress the spirits' emotions in order to keep them under control, as well as to make them better soldiers since they will not hesitate out of fear.[2] As corpses, they do not feel pain or grow tired.[3][4]

If a Jiang Shi's talisman is removed and the Dàoshi is unable to replace it in time, the Jiang Shi will enter a mindless rage. At that point, the only ways to stop it are to destroy its body completely[5] or break the spell binding the spirit to the body.[6]

The controlled people are capable of utilizing the skills they had in life.[1]

There are two different schools of creating Jiang Shi:

Tao Family[]

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The Tao Family practices a technique known as Tiao Shi Song Shi (跳屍送尸術 Chōshisōshijutsu), in which a spirit is reintegrated with its dead body and then controlled by yellowish white paper talismans that are placed on the corpse. The commands on the talismans are written with the Daoshi's blood.[2]

The corpses can be improved in many ways, such as replacing limbs with animal parts or weapons, in order to create even stronger warriors.[7] As long as the bodies are not destroyed too much, they can be repaired and improved over and over again.[8] As later shown with Pyron they can also add mechanical parts to the body to increase power, in his case adding a piston to increase the power of his basic punch.[9]

In rare circumstances, a spirit willingly allows a Dàoshì to integrate them back into their corpse. This method enables the Jiang Shi to operate without talismans.[6]

Dong Family[]

Appearance of the Dong Family's Jiang Shi

The Dong Family, on the other hand, practices a technique which utilizes dark-colored paper talismans to control the spirits of living humans. Placing the talisman on the person's forehead forcefully seizes control of their spirit.[10] Although the people remain alive during the technique, they cannot be turned back to normal.[4]

This technique also works on the dead, similar to the Tao Family's.[11]


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