Joke King
Punch Line



Jōdan Kingu

Japan Air Date

March 20, 2002

English Air Date

January 14, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Joke King (ジョーダンキング) is the 37th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Yoh and the others are thinking about where they should go, they bump into an unknown boy who's making bad jokes. The boy, named Chocolove, then tells them that he is looking for allies since all Shamans are teaming up in groups at the moment. As Yoh asks him why he targeted them as allies, Chocolove tells them that he has already done research on Yoh and the others and that he can really be useful for them. Later on, as Yoh asks Chocolove why he is participating in the Shaman Fight, Chocolove states that he wants to become the world's best comedian. Then, Yoh and the others get ambushed by the BoZ Brothers. As they attack Yoh and others Ren is easily able to beat them to the ground multiple times. As Yoh and the others think they won, the BoZ Brothers attack with an Over Soul they didn't have last time they fought. As Ren wants to attack the BoZ Brothers again, Chocolove uses his Over Soul and states that they can leave the fight to him. Then, a flashback is seen in where Chocolove's "Teacher" tells Chocolove about the "wind of laughter" and gives his guardian ghost, Mic, to Chocolove.

Chocolove then attacks the BoZ Brothers and reveals Peyote's presence while Ren finds out that the BoZ Brothers where just Over Souls created by Peyote. As Peyote attacks Chocolove, Chocolove is able to dodge the attack and attack Peyote, but he gets intercepted by Peyote's other Over Souled band members. As Peyote states that the BoZ Brothers are just tools and that Hao will save the world, not Chocolove's jokes, he attacks Chocolove. As Chocolove uses all his Furyoku up for a joke, he makes Peyote's spirits laugh and ignore Peyote's orders to attack. Chocolove then states that his wind of laughter will save spirits that are controlled by evil forces like Peyote's spirits. Horohoro and Ryu then attack Peyote and send him flying high.   

Later on, as Chocolove is unconscious because of his Furyoku use, Yoh and the others decide that they don't mind if Chocolove would join them. Meanwhile, Lyserg is seen talking with Marco who states that they can defeat Hao for sure because their leader has a power that rivals Hao's. As Lyserg states that he is still weak, Marco tells him that he wants Lyserg to meet their leader and grant him power. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others want to continue their journey towards Patch Village, together with Chocolove. As Chocolove states that he knows where to get more information about Patch Village's location while making some bad jokes again, Yoh and the others get mad at him. Meanwhile, AnnaManta and Tamao arrive at the airport in America, as Anna asks Tamao where Manta is, Faust VIII shows up with Manta in his hands. Later on, Faust VIII is seen telling Anna and the others that he can't find any clues about Patch Village since he is just on his own. Anna then tells Faust VIII that if he wants to be reunited with Yoh, she can bring him to Yoh if Faust VIII agrees to fight for Yoh's sake, shocking Manta and Tamao.

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