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Kalim (カリム Karimu) is a fictional character from the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is a Patch Tribe member and is one of Silva's best friends who is an organizer for the Shaman Fight. He is the Patch Officiant responsible for overseeing the Icemen Team and also qualified Horohoro to be a part of the Shaman Fight.


Kalim without his Patch Cloak

Kalim is a very tall and heavy muscular man. His face appears very rough looking which, according to Silva, scares the customers away and is the reason why they cannot sell anything. He has waist long black curly hair and wears a red native American headband beneath the hair with two feathers, on each side, in it.

Like all the other Patches, Kalim wears Native American cloak, that has a silver plate on the chest, resembling a bull seen from the side, referring to his guardian ghost Black Sickle. On each of his legs, he wears what appears to be the spinal cord from a bull and on his crotch he wears the skull of a bull. While in battle, he removes his Patch Cloak to reveal a bare upper body with bracelets around his upper arms and gloves. In a neckless around his neck, he wears a chest armor made of long blue straws.

When Kalim is on the streets with Silva, selling crafts, he wears blue jeans, a pair of long brown leather boots, a striped yellow t-shirt and brown jacket with rolled up sleeves. Although he is sitting on the streets with normal people around him, he still wears the bull skull on his crotch area. Like all the other Patch Priests, all of his clothes are handmade.


He is a very calm person and in the anime series, like Silva believes in Asakura Yoh, believes heavily in Horohoro, whom he tested and qualified. He considers Silva a very good friend and supports him whenever he can. Like Silva, he also dislikes the fact that the Shaman Fights are very unnecessary for an bloodshed, and also thinks that the Patch Officiants should interfere with them more often.

Abilities and Powers

Kalim has a lot of muscular strengths as demonstrated when he is able to break Horohoro´s ice with his bare fists.


See More: Black Sickle

His Guardian ghost is a black bull named Black Sickle with his medium being a bull skull and leg bones allowing Black Sickle to merge with the lower half of his body, to create a centaur-like Over Soul for Kalim.



Kalim was born on April 24, 1971.

Shaman Fights In Tokyo

Patch Kalim

Kalim is one of the Ten Patch Officiants that was, when the Destiny Star was seen, assigned to travel from The United States to Tokyo, in order to find, test and qualify shamans for the Shaman Tournament. There he met up with Horohoro and qualified him for the Shaman tournament.

Kalim shares an apartment with Silva during the tournament in Tokyo, where the two constantly bickering over the dreadful heat because they cannot afford an air conditioner and the summer is to warm and humid. Like Silva, Kalim sells handcrafted Patch items to make somewhat of a living while in Tokyo, because the Patch spends all of their money on the poor Shamans.

He was present when the Patches mourns over their loss of Chrom, who was killed by Tao Ren in his qualification fight. However Goldva just brushed it aside saying it is the will of the Great Spirit.

Silva and Kalim watch the fight between Yoh and Horohoro

He was first officially introduced when two policemen saw the fight between Asakura Yoh and Horohoro and believing it to be a terrorist attack, where he stopped them from interfering in the match and together with Silva watched over it towards the end, discussing why Silva believed so much in Yoh.

He was later seen sitting with Silva selling handcrafts and discussing the fact that Yoh had just won over Horohoro. However, Kalim was also there to warn Silva about Johann Faust VIII, who is quite dangerous for Yoh. Kalim urges to Silva to make Yoh forfeit the next match for the sake of his own life, however, Silva just sees it as means to get payback for having his contestant lose. It is then that Kalim explains that Faust had, during his first fight, killed his opponent and severely hurt the Patch Officiant who tried to interfere. He later went with Silva to a local restaurant to convince Kyōyama Anna to make Yoh forfeit the fight. As they failed Silva decided to go and oversee the fight, leaving Kalim behind while the bill he could not pay, thus forcing him to do the dishes.

After that is he not seen again until a few days before the fight between Tao Ren and Asakura Yoh, where he and Silva are again complaining about the heat and the low amount of food they are getting. At this time they are contacted by Goldva, who informs Silva to judge the fight between, Yoh and Ren, as there was no other available. It is during this time that Kalim shows his support to Silva and then argues that he should just try to forget all about the fact that Ren killed Chrom and try to be fair and square.

Traveling Through America

Kalim was seen in the Patch village selling a lucky keychain to Anna, telling her how fine it was made, and was shocked when Anna didn't want to pay very much for it. It later became his duty to transport the shamans to an island near Tokyo for the reallocation of the second rounds. There he transported Team "The Ren" in a helicopter and even offered them some ice, something that seemed to deeply annoy both Ren and Horohoro. After a little bit of chatting, Kalim asked them to get some quiet as he was almost about to run out of Furyoku, shocking the others, as the Patch Helicopter was revealed to be nothing but a mere Over Soul.

Shaman Fights Second Round

Invading the Plants

When Yoh and his friends finally reached the fifth plant of the Plateau, Horohoro quickly attacked Kalim, who easily brushed of his head-on attack with his hatchet. When he prepared to attack him again, Kalim noticed that something was wrong with his breath, Over Souled his guardian ghost Black Sickle and yelled out to Horohoro, that he should rest.

He then proceeds to punch him in the gut believing he only got knocked out and calmly asks who is to fight him next, although, as he puts it himself, he normally wouldn't do, it is regulation. Horohoro who is still hanging in his fist, announces that he is because there fight had not ended yet. Kalim proceeds to throw him away to which Horohoro smirks, saying that now he could counterattack. However, before he could anything is he knocked out by Yoh. When Kalim asks if Yoh is his next opponent, Yoh denies this and then he fuses with Faust's spirit with his own to give Horohoro medical treatment.

During the night time, Kalim sits at a bonfire, where he is approached by Horohoro, who claims that he wants revenge by cutting their bonds. Kalim only replies by only saying: "Good!" and telling him that he wants him to hear a song. Later is Kalim seen sitting at the fire with all of the invaders, where they are surprised to see Redseb with the Spirit of Fire.

He was later seen watching the dormant Spirit of Fire and later, he was eavesdropped on the conversation to let Lyserg Diethel have the Spirit of Fire to easier defeat him, something he seemed quite shocked to hear. When Lyserg declined he walked into them and told them that their beds were made.

Kalim's final fight with Horohoro

The next day he suddenly appears before the group and after a small conversation he quickly creates his Over Soul and jumped into the air preparing to stomp on Horohoro. Horohoro, however, dodges and all Kalim does is crush the ground. Horohoro, with a defiant smirk, creates his own Over Soul and slams the fists together to attack Kalim, showering him with a hail of huge icicles and slowly freezes Kalim.

However, Kalim just notes that Horohoro is still not fighting at with his full strength something that shocks Horohoro. Kalim then charges towards Horohoro, crushing all of his ice and his Over Soul. He then tells him to reveal his true self, something Horohoro has never done before. Calling him by his birth name Usui Horokeu, Horohoro becomes quite angry and proclaims how he threw it away a long time ago calling it a name of "a bastard who would kill the only girl he loved".[1]

Kalim's Grave

Horohoro then tells the tale about a girl named Kurobe Tamiko that he befriended in his early childhood, who also gave him his nickname "Horohoro", but was forced to abandon by his village elder, because her father was building a dam that would take away the land and later got her killed. He then tells that his main reason for fighting is to create a Fuki Field that Tamiko loved. As Horohoro calls himself pathetic after revealing this, he wants to know what Kalim now thinks about him now. Kalim only laughs and calls it quite cute, saying that thanks to him he can now fight with his full heart as well. This revelation, causes Kororo to reveal her true form as Kurobe Tamiko who reveals how she died and how she ended up as Kororo. Horohoro thanks Kalim for making this happen and somehow manages to defeat Kalim. Kalim's body is buried in his plant with a cross like a grave with Kalim's bull skull as a memorial.[2]

Kalim later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[3]


Anime/Manga Difference

Throughout the 2001 anime series, Kalim is usually seen with Silva's side, providing a voice of reason to somewhat quell Silva's desire to interfere in the Shaman grand tournament.


  • Kalim apparently suffering from a phobia called hemophobia.
  • Like the rest of the Patch Tribe Priests he is named after an element from the Periodic Table of Elements, his name being derived from Potassium, also known as Kalium, hence the periodic symbol K for potassium.


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