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Kamogawa Yosuke (鴨川 羊介,"Kamogawa Yōsuke") is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King Flowers. He originally first appeared in Hiroyuki Takei's one shot, Yahabe.


Yosuke as a child.

Yosuke is a tall man with short black hair that sometimes covers one of his bright green eyes. He wears a white[1] suit, with a green and yellow patterned tie depicting a pyramid with one eye and rays emitting from the pyramid. Despite his appearance, he is actually only thirteen years old.[2]

As a child, he had similar, albeit shorter hair with one fringe sticking up at an angle. He wore a school uniform, consisting of a red tie, white dress shirt, and blue jeans and brown shoes. He also wore glasses.


Yosuke appears confident of his own abilities, assuring his companion that he is certain that he can create a wonderful new world for him. He is also rather arrogant and believes that money is power and so struggling to improve one's strength is pointless as one can just earn the power they need through wealth. In addition, he is rather blunt with his words and isn't one for subtlety.

As a child, he was very disillusioned with the world believing the only talents or contributions to the world he had was his interest in the TCG, God-Hand Q. Even then, he contemplated suicide after realizing he wasn't too good at that, being eliminated in the first round of a God-Hand Q tournament.

Abilities and Powers[]

YVS Cards

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Yosuke's YVS cards

Yosuke's abilities are related to various different YVS cards he carries around. The cards are purchased from Yabisu, with costs ranging from ¥500 to several trillion. In addition, the cards are finite in use as Yosuke can only use each card once, though he can combine their various effects. However, he can purchase as many as he likes, so long as he can pay for them. The cost of the cards is little concern to Yosuke, who confidently asserts that he can use the cards themselves to win more money.[2]



Yosuke meets Yahabe for the first time.

As a child, Yosuke felt disillusioned with the world; proclaiming that all that's left for him is the Godhand Q TCG, as he is terrible at studying, sports and everything else. Lamenting that despite spending all of his allowance money to compete in it, he still lost in the first match of a Godhand Q tournament and felt that no matter what he'd never win, contemplating jumping off the large tower he was on, thinking he would be famous for it. However, before he could Yahabe interrupted him and demanded him to give him money, saying that he was starving but money was like food to him and that Yosuke wouldn't need money if he was going to be dead anyway. Threatening him after being annoyed at his lack of reaction, he demands money once more at which Yosuke mentions he only has a measly 500 yen, Yahabe offers him his Time Warp card, allowing him to jump forward or backward in time approximately 12 hours. Yosuke accepts, thinking he will reverse his loss at the tournament and puts his 500 yen coin in a slot on Yahabe, before boldly jumping off of the tower. Yosuke then wakes up at home, being alarmed at seeing Yahabe in his room. Yahabe questions what he thinks of its power, and explains how the cards and their mechanics work.

Yosuke faces Kamemaguma in the God Hand Q Tournament.

On his way to school, he encounters several of his friends who taunt him due to his low skill at the God-Hand Q game. As he was sent back in time with Yahabe's card, he recalls the exact words they had said to him as they taunt him. Later at the tournament, he uses another card he acquired from YVS, X-Ray 125 to help him defeat his opponent. In the middle of his next battle, YVS uses his card and notices that "they" are there and had already seen him. Panicking Yahabe flees with Yosuke, much to Yosuke's protests.

Yosuke uses Yahabe's Obelisk card.

Eventually, Yosuke stops and reflects that Yahabe allowed him to relive that day, and despite his harsh words, he found something he could enjoy and vows to protect the world. Noticing his resolve, Yahabe asks him which card he wanted, to which Yosuke responded with one that would be able to drive them away. As a large assortment of helicopters, tanks, and armed soldiers advance on them, Yosuke freaks out before Yahabe initializes his strongest card, Obelisk to demolish their foes. Later in Yosuke's room, Yahabe tells him that that particular card was worth 100,000,000 $ much to Yosuke's dismay. Yahabe tells him that it would be okay to take his time repaying him that, mentioning that he can't break their contract till his debt is repaid, bemusing that they were going to be great partners, as Yosuke sits on his bed with a blank look on his face.

Yosuke and YVS destroy the Patch Village.

Sometime later, Yosuke with YVS' cards and a creature called Rapt, appears to have destroyed the Patch Village, having Rapt eat the members of the Patch Tribe. There he encountered Alumi Niumbirch and Asakura Hana and continued to prevent Hana from attacking him, using YVS Cards to freeze time, while also using the cards to errase Hana´s memories each time.[3]


Yosuke and YVS first appear as observers to the fight between Amidamaru and Oboro Daikyoh[4]. Yosuke praises Amidamaru's abilities and how he managed to bring his previous master to the continent of Mu. However, YVS believes that Amidamaru is nothing but scum, to which Yosuke replies that he is at least compared to him. Noting that he was a model samurai and he makes his master look much worthier, asking YVS if it makes him feel like taking one away from another.

As Hana and Yohane are exploring a mall, Yosuke is seen with a telescope spying on them, commenting on how they seem to be having fun. YVS responds that he is not going there, as he hates crowds and mixing in with plebs to which Yosuke affirms that he has known him a long time and was already aware of this. Yosuke tells him not to forget that he was once one of those plebs before he had met YVS. YVS asks when he will set the trap, as he notes that once it begins, all the big shots will start gathering. To this end, he assures YVS that he will eliminate any strong Japanese rivals before the competition begins.[5]

Later he appears with YVS, using several cards of his to stop time, and steal away Amidamaru from Asakura Hana, fleeing as he uses YVS as a flying mechanism. Complaining that he didn't want to come here directly, even wasting 3 of YVS' precious cards, mentions that "The other God" would be surprised to know that they could destroy this one. Thinking that the Dark Oni was indeed terrifying and that since Hana would probably regain his memory soon that perhaps stealing Amidamaru was pointless.[6]

Yosuke is next seen with the sons of Khafre Puljiz and Nakht Pitrah, advising them that despite only being 7, Tao Men is incredibly dangerous, and in terms of Furyoku is the strongest of Team Hao. He reveals that he is out of their league, but now that he is separated from his parents, they might stand a chance. As they leave, he mentions to YVS how reckless they are and that they will probably die. Questioning why Yosuke just doesn't kill his enemies himself, he claims that they could make use of Hana's Dark Onis and that he'd end up being one of them.[7]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Yosuke originally debuted in Takei's Yahabe, which was both a manga one shot and an anime OVA.


  • A younger version of Yosuke appears as the main character of Hiroyuki Takei's one shot, Yahabe.


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