The Kang Zeng Bang Poem is a series of small poems featured on a colorspread in each Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang (“シャーマンキング 完全版" Shaman King Kanzenban; "Shaman King, the Complete Collection").

In addition to this, a poem is included on each ad wrapper that comes with a volume of the Shaman King Kang Zeng Bang.

Each of the poems focus on the character on the cover of the respective volume they appear. In the case of the poems on the colourspread, some refer to quotations in the manga series and were written by Hiromasa Mikami, the writer of Hiroyuki Takei's work Jumbor, and checked by Takei before the volume was published.[1] The quotations were chosen not only to reflect the character, but were intended to be easily recognizable by the reader.[2]


'Colorspread' PoemsEdit

  1. I want to live carefreely and listen to my favorite music every day. - Yoh, from chapter 9
  2. It's because I trust him that I'm waiting for him here. - Anna
  3. Where are you going in such a hurry?
  4. A frightening star...
  5. Thanks to you, I have found my answer too.
  6. Are you going to go or not?
  7. Ever since I was born, I've been searching for a place to belong. - Ryu
  8. Because I had lost to "Death". - Faust
  9. I'm so happy that I found you guys.
  10. It carries the punishing sword that will punish all evil.
  11. Permanent.
  12. And fill this world with peace...
  13. So small. - Hao
  14. Everything happens according to the will of the Great Spirit.
  15. What is important is your heart.
  16. I have fallen in love with this boy.
  17. All of my thanks go to this person.
  18. An unforgiving, evil hellfire.
  19. Shortcake.
  20. I'm not lost.
  21. In the end, this world is about the survival of the fittest.
  22. I'm very sad.
  23. I'm starting to want to learn more and more about you.
  24. This is the Hell that my heart created.
  25. It'll work out. - Yoh
  26. Are you saying you still have complaints?
  27. In this world there are many people with many dreams,
    relying on each other, crying, laughing...
    But I wonder, how many of those people will be able to fulfill their own dreams?
    And for the people who do fulfill their dreams, how many of them will be satisfied after doing so?

'Ad Wrapper' PoemEdit

Save every soul, it’s promise time.
Become the king of the stars, which controls all the spirits.
Be as firm as a strong man, as noble as a wise one.
Change your fate, choose a new path.
Desire is like ice, it can burn you if you touch it.
Love is like a flower, it can bloom inconspicuously in the shadows.
Struggle with life.
Think of death.
Absolute revenge, that is my justice.
Absolute justice, that is my revenge.
I want to save those who don’t believe, too.
I will give the believers salvation...
Destroy every soul, it’s promise time.
Let’s get all the spirits ready for the king of the stars.
A one thousand year old night train... departs to the end.
Refuse to join... a 1080 night queue.
Now it is my turn to save people.
We were saved, and I’m not kidding.
The distant pride of the ancestors, the far-off laughing of the children. You, voice of wind which goes across time.
A flash in eternity, a speck in ten thousand miles. You, spear of heaven which shows the way.
Tears are the determination, blood is the oath. Flow! You, song of rain in which gods are born.
Believe to the end. There’s finally light at the bottom of the box of deceit.
Return to the nothingness! Thousands of spirits, plenty of kings, everything. I, anecdote of death which smashes the stars.
You doubt and fear and tremble, that’s exactly why you know everything. You, mirror of flames in which sin is reflected.
Go forth and return. The desires of tens of millions of spirits and kings. Thou, who art the vessel of earth that holds the stars.
Forever loving. The result of a promised journey, and lastly life.
And, to you.


  1. Pafu Interview with Hiroyuki Takei, October 2010 issue
    Takei: Mikami-san wrote all the characters' quotes, but I checked them all before definitively printing the volumes. There were thousands of lines from the story to choose from, so he really made an effort.
  2. Pafu Interview with Hiroyuki Takei, October 2010 issue
    Mikami: We tried to pick easily recognizable quotes so people had no problem remembering the source chapter. Of course, we were really careful not to choose any that contained spoilers. For example, it was really hard to choose a quote for the first volume without spoiling anything in the story.