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Kanna Bismarch (カンナ・ビスマルク Kanna Bisumaruku) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. She is one of Hao's followers and the leader of ones of Asakura Hao's teams, Team "Hana-Gumi". After the tournament, Kanna and her fellow team members are hired as waitresses at the Funbari Onsen.


Kanna's appearance later in the series.

Kanna has blue eyes and waist-long blue hair with three green hair clips in. Kanna has her family crest tattooed on her left arm. She wears a short black top and short blue denim jeans with black gloves and brown boots that both say "Hao" on them. She almost always has a cigarette in her mouth and has a package attached to her belt.

While watching Team "The Ren"'s match against Team "Tsuchi-Gumi", Kanna is seen sporting a more formal attire consisting of a black blouse and skirt, with black heels.[2][3] Years later, after being hired as a waitress at the Funbari Onsen, Kanna began wearing a pink flowered kimono tied with a light blue sash.


Kanna is quite serious and is easy to anger. She admits that she hates kids and like many of Hao's followers she despises humanity and she was very loyal to Asakura Hao.



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Kanna, five years before the Shaman Fight begin.

On October 26, 1977, Kanna was born in Germany to the Bismarch main branch, a distinguished German family. As a baby, she used to vomit ectoplasm because she unconsciously used her body to canalize spirits. Due to this, she spent her whole childhood inside her castle home. Her parents were worried about her safety, so they started calling exorcists, clerics, and priests from all over Europe. None of them were able to find a cure for Kanna, but she was happy just by being loved by her parents. However, she lost them due to a mysterious accident Soon enough, the castle became full of lawyers and relatives. They took all of Kanna's money and legacy, leaving her with nothing. That is when Asakura Hao first appeared before her. He burned the lawyers and the whole castle to the ground, just as she wanted. Thanks to him, Kanna became a shaman and could finally see how the world was outside of the castle walls was like.[4]

After joining Hao, Kanna took to taking care of the much younger Marion Phauna and Matilda Matisse who like her were also orphaned. When Bill Burton was introduced to the group, Kanna introduced herself, Marion, and Matilda and told Bill not to touch any of them, threatening him with death if he did so.[5]

Shaman Fights First Round[]

Kanna Bismarch has made several appearances with Marion Phauna and Matilda Matisse and something that could be Ashcroft. Also in reincarnation 15, she is on the title page. Then in reincarnation 26, she is on her motorcycle with Ashcroft's armor strapped to it. Then she is arguing with Marion and Matilda about Asakura Yoh and Tao Ren when they are fighting. When Yoh, Ren, Umemiya Ryunosuke, and Horohoro are going to the plane she is in the background behind the Spirit of Fire with Matilda and Marion. She is also one of the shamans shown on the next two pages. And also one of the shamans shown when it is showing Hao's followers. She is also shown when Asakura Hao arrives in the Patch Village. She is shown in many title pages afterward.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

The Teams first fight is against Team "T-Production", but only the fight's end was shown while the actual fighting is not. In this fight, Ashcroft was shown for the first time.

Kanna, Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse fight Tamao Tamamura and Tao Jun while trying to get Redseb and Seyrarm Munzer's souls. She is the first one to fight and she fights Jun and Lee Pyron. She shows her spirit ally Ashcroft which is in a suit of armor.

Pyron fights and easily breaks the armor. Then it showed that keeping the armor together is ectoplasm. Then Ashcroft makes a giant hole in Pyron while saving Ponchi and Conchi. When Pyron is about to destroy the armor Ashcroft cuts off his arm. Pyron tries to attack Ashcroft but goes through him. Then Ashcroft cuts off his leg. After that, it shows that the true medium is Kanna's cigarette smoke. The Hana-Gumi soundly defeats Jun and Tamao and goes in for the kill.

Then Asakura Mikihisa shows up and gets rid of Ashcroft with only his Furyoku. He proceeds to slap herself, Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse. After defeating Matilda and Marion with only words she yells at him. He grabs the cigarette bud off the ground, puts it away and says "Smoking's not good for you especially if you ever want to have children." When they are about to attack Mikihisa, Magna reveals himself and tells them they are still useful, and that they should back out before being defeated.

Invading the Plants[]

She, Matilda Matisse, and Marion Phauna are killed by Peyote Diaz. She is brought back again by Lady Sati and switches sides to Yoh's. The Hana-Gumi help fights off the remainder of Asakura Hao's followers. She was last seen with her team thinking about what they did and they try to think over their life.


The Hana-Gumi waitresses

In the seven years after the tournament, Kanna went to high school together with Marion and Matilda and six years later, she works together with her former teammates at the Funbari Onsen. Together they are known as the Hana-Gumi Waitresses.

The three of them are often scolded by the inn's Okami Tamamura Tamao, Kanna for smoking inside. According to Tamao they often skip work and she usually retorts to threatening them with the use of Dai Tengu.[6]

The girls appeared after Alumi Niumbirch ended the fight between Asakura Hana and his cousins from the branch family. When Alumi noticed their presence, Kanna questioned if the Flower of Maize was finally starting, Kanna noted that they were all still at their peak. Asking if they could finish of Asakura Luca and Asakura Yohane, their reputation alone was enough to scare of Luca, who quickly recreated her Over Soul in order to flee.[7]

Days later the girls are awoken by the fight between Tao Men and Black Maiden and once Black Maiden calls them hags, they all 3 use their Over Souls to attack, only to be stopped at the last moment by Tamao, who refuse to have any violence at the inn. Tamao then have the girls help the wounded Men, with Kanna being told to use Hyōi-Gattai with Faust VIII to treat Men´s wounds.[8] Afterwards the girls listen on the conversation between Tamao, Redseb, and Seyrarm about surrendering before the Flower of Maize can begin.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the English version of the 2001 anime series, Kanna does not have a cigarette in her mouth, which is ironic considering that it is her spirit medium.

In the 2001 anime series, she and the rest of Team "Hana-Gumi" are not killed and remain on Hao's side throughout the whole series.



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