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Khafre Puljiz (カフラー・プリツ Kafurā Puritsu) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is part of Team "Niles". Anatel considers him to be the best embalmer ever.


Khafre's full appearance.

Khafre appears to be a very tall, slim man with long black hair in a long ponytail and has a lean face. Like the other members of Team "Niles", Khafre is seen sporting a white formal suit and necktie, with a blue shirt, and a golden tie emblazoned with a golden hieroglyphic-like pattern and also wears black gloves and shoes.

In battle, he wears an Anubis mask covering only the top of his head. He is also was shown wielding a large Was-scepter, presumably used as a medium.


Khafre is very intellectual and as such he is placed in charge of the tactics and strategies for the team.

As a hobby, he stuffs dead animals in his free time.

Abilities and Powers[]


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Khafre is able to control mummies and is able to make other mummies.



Khafre is from Giza, Egypt and was born on June 21, 1967. He used to be an archaeologist, and just like Nakht, he is also one of Anatel's childhood friends. It was Anatel's father who first initiated him into the practices of Egyptian Witchcraft.

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