Japanese Name: コロガーシ
English Name: Kosuta
Meaning: "Kind Love"
First Appearance: Episode 26
Type: Unknown
Reiryoku Level: n/a
Shaman: Sally

Korogashi (コロガーシ, "Korogashi") is the guardian ghost of Sally


Korogashi is a mallet spirit who serves Sally as her guardian ghost

Oversoul and AttacksEdit


O.S. Korogashi

  • Shaman: Sally
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Korogashi
  • Medium: Sally's Rings

Description: while Combining with the rings on Sally's left-hand fingers, Korogashi becomes a giant mallet, that can hit quite painfully hard. Sally is able to expand the mallet, so she can hit a greater amount of people. It is in this way that she destroys a complete house. and Again her O.S. and guardian ghost seem to reflect Sally's love for fighting and violence.


  • Strike (ストライク,"Sutoraiku"): Sally hits with her mallet
  • Hypnotize (催眠術, "Saimin-jutsu") As Sally hit's the opponent hard 'in the head causing them to be quite dizzy. when Hilda was gonna shoot Sharona then Sally hit her on the top of the head [1]
  • Lily five Combination Attack (リリー5コンビネーションアタック, "Rirī 5 konbinēshon'atakku", "Final Beam" in the English version of the anime series): Lily five's powerful combination with an order of firing one spirit after another from in the order of Sharona, Sally, Ellie, Lilly, and Millie. They use Onibi Onibi as their last resort when each of the other spirits is removed from the beam, letting Onibi Onibi weakly to hit the enemy's forehead[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit



  1. Shaman King Anime - Episode 34
  2. Shaman King Anime - Episode 53

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