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Kororo (コロロ ; Corey in the 2001 English anime) is a koropokkuru and the Guardian Ghost of Usui Horokeu.


Kororo's true form

Kororo is a koropokkuru, a tiny spirit people, and the guardian ghost of Usui Horokeu. She is a nature spirit and can, therefore, take solid form without being placed in a medium and is able to control ice on her own. People who meet her are often smitten by her cuteness.

Kororo was once a human girl, named Kurobe Tamiko (黒部 民子 Kurobe Tamiko) whose family moved to Hokkaido because of her father's work. She was nicknamed "Damuko" because her father was constructing a dam that would destroy everything in the area, something that led her to be shunned. In school, she tried to befriend Horokeu. At first, he rejected her, but because they were alike as both of them were lonely they became friends. Due to the dam, the Ainu Tribe Elder forbade Horohoro to see her and after her family demolished his favorite Fuki Field, he decided not to talk to her.[1]

Half a year later Tamiko following Horohoro into the mountains where she had an accident and eventually froze to death. The koropokkuru tried to guide her soul to the afterlife but she refused, wanting to know the reason why Horohoro ignored her. Gororo appeared saying that the only way to stay on this plane was to become a nature spirit like them, and protect the lands and its people, which Tamiko accepted.

While Horohoro fought with Kalim of the Ten Patch Officiants, Kalim called Horohoro by his real name to make him reveal his true self. Angered, Horohoro revealed the events that happened between him and Damuko which made Kororo take her true form. She explained what happened to her and that Gororo told her that once becoming a koropokkuru she would stay in that form until her master's "Ice Thawed". As she turned back to her original form, Horohoro hugged and apologized to her.[2]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Kororo-Snowboard[]

O.S. Kororo-Snowboard V.2

O.S. "Kororo-Snowboard" (O.S.スノーボードにコロロ)

  • Shaman: Usui Horokeu
  • O.S. Type: Weapon Type
  • Spirit Ally: Kororo (Koropokkuru spirit)
  • Medium used: Snowboard

Description: Horohoro's original Over Soul, using a snowboard to integrate his koropokkuru spirit, Kororo with. As an O.S., the tribal patterns envelop the board while Kororo's "face" appears on the base of the board. The Over Soul uses a frigid form of magic which freezes moisture in the atmosphere into hardened ice. Over time, Horohoro begins attaching the board to his arm and forms a humongous ice-statue knuckle-hammer O.S. Cold air can also be released from the board to dodge attacks in midair.


  • Kau Kau Priwenpe (カウカウ プリウェンペ (あらくれ者の雹) Kaukau Puriwenpe, lit. "Renegade Hail"): This is an attack using the basis of his cryokinesis powers. He creates big hailstones and launches them at an opponent impaling them or doing blunt force damage.[3]
  • Emus Nokipekonr (エムシ ノキペコンル (剣のつらら) Emushi Nokipekonru, lit. "Icicle Sword"): Another attack using his cryokinesis powers. this creates a massive icicle on his board and he uses it like a sword and inflicting damage.[4]
  • Mososo Kruppe (モソソ クルッペ (眠っている者を目覚めさせる霜) Mososo Kuruppe, lit. "Frost That Rouses The Sleeping"): he freezes the ground and creates ice spikes hoping to impale his opponent. since it is a ground-based attack it is easily dodged.[4]
  • Epittarki Upas-Horkkek (エピッタルキ ウパシホルッケ (全てをのみ込む雪崩) Epittaruki Upashihorukke, lit. "All-Swallowing Avalanche"): One of Horohoro's best attacks. He can freeze every bit of water vapor in the air makes it become snowflakes and amasses into a big avalanche that crushes everything in its path. Horohoro can also surf the avalanche with his snowboard adding more damage.[5]
  • Nipopo Punch (ニポポパンチ Nipopo Panchi): This is one of Horohoro's basic attacks. Using the large ice statue on his arm he can freeze solid almost anything he hits and it would shatter on impact.[6]

O.S. Kororo-Ikupasuy[]

O.S. Kororo-Ikupasuy

O.S. "Kororo-Ikupasuy" (O.S.イクパスイにコロロ)

  • Shaman: Usui Horokeu
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Kororo (Koropokkuru nature spirit)
  • Medium used: Ikupasuy

Description: Hororo's second Over Soul manifestation, integrating Kororo the koropokkuru spirit with an Ikupasuy--an Ainu prayer stick; a tool of communication to the gods. The Kororo-Ikupasuy O.S. embodies Horohoro's outrage at mankind's disrespect of nature, impeded by the owl-faced appearance of the Over Soul.[7] The O.S. is capable of frigid magic and can manipulate extreme degrees of cold.


  • Neike Fuike Kiroro (ネイケ フイケ キロロ (どことして何一つ非のうちどころのない力) Neike Fuike Kiroro, lit. "Impeccable Power"): This attack is near the pinnacle of Horohoro's power. He creates a blade of pure spiritual power and slashes. This attack freezes everything the blade touches and the ice then explodes doing major damage.[8]

O.S. Nipopo Gauntlets[]

O.S. Nipopo Gauntlets

O.S. "Nipopo Tekunpe" (O.S.ニポポテクンペ (ニポポ手甲))[9]

  • Shaman: Usui Horokeu
  • O.S. Type: Armor Type
  • Spirit Ally: Kororo (Koropokkuru nature spirit)
  • Medium used: Ikupasuy

Description: The Nipopo Tekunpe is a pair of enormous ice gauntlets joined by armor on Horohoro's back. It is Horohoro's strongest O.S. Both gauntlets are named:

  • Harki Hoku (ハラキホク (レフトハズバンド) Harakihoku, lit. "Left Husband") (on the left arm)
  • Simon Matak (シモンマタク (ライトワイフ) Shimonmataku, lit. "Right Wife") (on the right arm)

They reflect the awakening of Horohoro's true survival instincts as he finally learned to overcome his grief and calms his restless soul. Because of this, he is now able to work in harmony with Kororo and merge his will with hers to control the extreme colds.[10] Their combined power produces cold so powerful that it ravages the target from the inside out.


  • Harki Hoku: Wose (ウォセ (遠吠え) Wose, lit. "Left Husband: Howl"): Horohoro punches the air with his left gauntlet freezing solid and then shattering anything that is in the linear path of the hand even if out of arms reach.[11]
  • Simon Matak: Rupushka Tek (ルプシカテク (凍らせる手) Rupushikateku, lit. "Right Wife: Freezing Hand"): This is a defensive technique in which Horohoro freezes and shatters anything he touches with the right gauntlet.[11]
  • Susu Wakki: Kamuy Ranke Opukeni (シューシュ ワッキ (風がうなる) カムイランケ オプケニ (神から授かった拳) Shūshu Wakki Kamuiranke Opukeni, lit. "Roaring Winds: God-Given Fists"): An offensive version of the previous technique in which Horohoro punches the target and flash freezes them at the same time which causes them to shatter making this his most powerful attack.[11]
  • Kinrakara Kau Kau Priwenpe (キンラカラ カウカウ プリウェンペ (猛る荒くれ者の雹) Kinraka Kaukau Puriwenpe, lit. "Raging Daredevil Hail"): A more powerful version of Kau Kau Priwenpe, Horohoro creates even larger hailstones and launches them at an opponent.[12]

Anime Only[]

Giant O.S. Kororo: Biran Birantte Kamui[]

Giant O.S Kororo: Biran Birantte Kamui

Giant O.S Kororo: Biran Birantte Kamui[13]

  • Shaman: Usui Horokeu
  • O.S. Type: Giant Type
  • Spirit Ally: Kororo (Koropokkuru nature spirit)
  • Medium used: Ikupasuy

Description: In the 2001 anime series, Horohoro expands on his Over Soul after experiencing the world within the Chō-Senjiryakketsu, and the result is a Giant O.S. called "Biran Birantte Kamui" which takes the form of an ice giantess. It's headgear greatly resembled the owl face of his second Over Soul and during the last few episodes of the 2001 anime, it seems to gain a pair of twin cannons on its shoulders. In this form, Kororo gains the ability to create icicles in many ways such as for protection or as projectiles.


  • Kau Kau Furi Wenfe: (Renegade Hail): This is an attack where the ice giant shoots icicle projectiles at her opponent.
  • Emus Noki-Pekonr (): This is a defensive technique where the ice giantess creates an ice shield to protect herself.
  • Mososo Kruppe (Frost That Rouse The Sleeping): An attack where Horohoro has the ice giantess let ice spikes come out of the ground to impale her opponent.


  • She gave Horohoro his nickname because "Usui-Kun" did not sound good and his surname was hard to pronounce.[2]
  • Most of the attack names are partially in the Ainu language.
  • Kurobe Tamiko (Kororo's former human self) bears an uncanny resemblance to Makoto Sayama from Hiroyuki Takei's and Stan Lee's collaborated manga, Karakuri Dôji Ultimo.


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