Kouji Yamada
Japanese Name: 山田光司
Romanized Name: "Yamada Kouji"
English Name: Damayji
First Appearance: Chapter 78 (Manga)
Episode 29 (Anime)
Affiliations: Hao's followers
Team "Kaze-Gumi"
Occupations: Shaman
Priest(Anime Only)
Epithet: Damayaji (ダマヤジ, " Damayaji")
Japanese VA: Sakaguchi Noriich
English VA: James Carter Cathcart
Furyoku Level: 2.000
Guardian Ghosts
Japanese Name: Crab Spirit
English Name: Crab Spirit
Meaning: n/a
Type: Nature Class
Japanese Name: Centipede Spirit
English Name: Centipede Spirit
Meaning: "Hundred Feet"
Type: Nature Class

Kouji Yamada (山田光司, "Yamada Kouji") is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is nicknamed, "Damayaji" (ダマヤジ, "Damayaji"). Yamada is one of Hao's followers.



Damayaji five years ago

Kouji has a unique hairstyle, with his hair split into two spikes pointing upwards, a large widow's peak. His beard is shaped into a long goatee and long Fu Manchu mustache.

His attire was a long black coat with a large red collar, worn over black pants and black boots.

Five years before the Grand Shaman Fight, his hair was much longer and fashioned into a ponytail style, which he humorously claimed that Boris had copied from him. [1]


Yamada is fascinated with gothic structures in Europe and originally worked as a photographer, but it is said his only ability with the camera was to photograph ghostsHe is a man who cares about the beauty of nature, which is why Asakura Hao wanted him on his group. Yamada also enjoyed drinking alcohol and eating crabs.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit


See More: Crab Spirit | Centipede Spirit(Anime Only)

His guardian ghost was the nature spirit of a red king crab. They seem to get on well because Kouji hairstyle resembled a hermit crab.[2] In the anime series, his guardian ghost was instead that of a centipede-like creature.



Kouji Originating from Sapporo, Japan and was born on October 31, 1960. He used to be a photographer and he would always visit famous monuments and historic ruins. It was during one of his trips that he was visited by the nine-year-old Asakura Hao, who sympathized with his care for nature and there Hao wanted him to join his side.[2]

Travel Through AmericaEdit

Damayaji's death 1

Damayaji, being betrayed by Boris.

He was first introduced when Asakura Yoh and his friends finally found the old Patch Village. There he, Boris, and Team "Tsuki-Gumi" approached Yoh and his friends with the orders from Hao to kill all of the Shamans present there except for Yoh.

However, after Horohoro claimed and even laughed that he looked more like a vampire than Boris, his teammate Boris stabs him through the chest, and disintegrated him into ash.[3]

Invading the PlantsEdit

Damayaji and Boris

Damayji, and Boris

He is seen on the Soul Train within the Great Spirit next to Boris and asks Hao if his Shaman only world was supposed to be on Earth.[4]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


Damayaji in the anime series.

Damayaji had a different, albeit smaller role in the anime series. He was first seen with Hao and the rest of his followers[5] and later on during Yoh and his friends encounter with Boris where Damayaji was dressing up as a priest. He proceeds to tell Yoh and the others about Boris Tepes Dracula's legend, even trying pretending to be on Yoh's side. Later on, he appears in the downstairs of the dark basement of the cathedral after taking both Ellie and Millie to safety. He, however, proceeds to attack them both with the help of his guardian ghost but he is stabbed in the back by Boris shortly thereafter. Also in the anime series, his guardian ghost appears to be a centipede-like spirit instead of a King red crab spirit .[6]

In the 4Kids version, while posing as a priest his cross necklace was edited out and his death was censored out.



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