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Kung Fu Master (カンフーマスター) is the 6th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


Yoh is seen running in the park with Manta next to him. As they take a short break, they have a conversation about the training with Amidamaru. As Yoh continues running, they pass a billboard with a Lee Pyron movie poster. As Yoh and Amidamaru state that they don't know him, Manta explains to them that Lee Pyron was a famous kung fu master and movie star. As Yoh states that Anna won't give them any permission to watch the movie, a black van is seen with a smiling of Tao Jun inside. As Yoh is running, Manta sums up some quotes by Lee Pyron. As Yoh asks Manta why he wants to see the movie so badly, he tells him he wants to show Yoh the things he likes. As Yoh and Manta get to Yoh's house, Manta tells him about Lee Pyron's most powerful martial arts in the world, of "Dǎodàn-do" (missile). Later on, after Anna tells them that she won't give them any money to go and watch the movie, Manta tells Yoh that Lee Pyron died mysteriously 17 years ago. As Manta states that Lee Pyron's body disappeared at his funeral as well, Anna decides that they are going to watch the movie and that she'll come along with them. 

as Tao Jun is seen outside of the movie theater while Yoh and the others are watching the movie. Meanwhile, Yoh and Manta are overwhelmed by Lee Pyron's strength and actions in the movie. As they get out of the cinema, lots of Jiang Shi's controlled by Tao Jun appear and stand in their way. As Yoh quickly grabs a pipe and uses Hyoi-Gattai, he defeats all the Jiang Shi's easily. As Yoh and Amidamaru are happy to see that they improved, Tao Jun shows up stating that she has underestimated Yoh. As she tells them she is Tao Jun, they find out that she is Tao Ren's older sister. Tao Jun then asks Yoh if she could take Amidamaru with her. As Yoh refuses, the calls out her "warrior", Lee Pyron. As another Jiang Shi shows up, Manta and Yoh are shocked that it really is Lee Pyron's dead body that is being controlled by none other Tao Jun. As Yoh still refuses to hand over Amidamaru because he is his friend, Tao Jun orders Lee Pyron to attack Yoh. As Yoh uses Hyoi-Gattai and dashes towards Lee Pyron to break the talisman, he gets beaten to the ground by Lee Pyron with his nunchaku. As Manta can hardly believe that the dead body of his idol stands before them, Yoh attacks again but gets beaten multiple times with strong punches and kicks in his stomach. As Yoh collapses, Manta runs towards him to wake him up. Then Tao Jun tells him it's no use because no normal human can survive Lee Pyron's attacks. As Manta asks Tao Jun how she could do such a horrible thing to Lee Pyron, Anna makes him realize that Lee Pyron is being controlled and the real bad person in this situation is Tao Jun. As Tao Jun tells them that she had received her main guardian ghost when she was born 17 years ago, Manta realizes that Lee Pyron was killed 17 years ago in order to become Tao Jun's guardian ghost, which this made him sad and cries in his unbelief.

As Yoh wakes up, he states that Lee Pyron's dead body still has feelings deep inside, but Tao Jun's talisman's make him ignore them. As Tao Jun says that it's impossible for Yoh to win, Yoh states that attacks with any hesitation won't work against him and Amidamaru. As Yoh tells Tao Jun that she can control his mind but not his heart, Yoh states at and then asked Lee Pyron asking him "isn't that right Lee Pyron?". As a shocking result of this, Lee Pyron's right eye sheds a tear of sorrow, leaving as well as Yoh, Manta, Anna and Tao Jun impressed. As Tao Jun then orders Lee Pyron to attack Yoh until he dies, Lee Pyron seems to be refusing a bit but then dashes towards Yoh to attack him. As Yoh states that he is going to free Lee Pyron's soul, he gets beaten again. As Lee Pyron attacks Yoh several times, Yoh gets disarmed. As Amidamaru apologizes and states that if he would have had something resembling a real katana, they would stand a chance. As Tao Jun states that it's shameful to blame his lack of skill on a katana, she tells Manta to run away now if he does not want to get involved. As Manta runs away screaming, Tao Jun says she is going to finish it.

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