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The Leidi Group (雷帝グループ Raitei Gurūpu, lit. "Lightning Emperor Group") is a large conglomerate in China. Tao Ren is the current CEO of the company, while his sister Tao Jun is the Vice President.[1]


After graduating from university, Tao Ren, together with Bill Burton and Hang Zang-Ching, formed the Leidi Group as an electronics manufacturing company.[2] Eventually the Leidi Group began expanding, buying other companies and turning them into subsidiaries. A news report watched by Usui Horokeu mentions that in under a year it had made 18 acquisitions and that amongst its subsidiaries are at least three IT companies, two iron and steel manufacturers, and twelve food corporations.[1]

Anime/Manga Difference[]


  • "Leidi" comes from the Chinese pinyin Léidì.


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