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Liam Diethel (リアム ダイゼル Riamu Daizeru) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He and Jane Diethel are the parents of Lyserg Diethel.


Liam is a tall, lean man. His hair was deep forest green, while his eyes were apple green, like his son Lyserg.


Liam is caring and faithful to his son and acts as a kind teacher figure to him.

Abillities and Powers

Liam is the world's number one most famous detective. He uses a crystal as a dowsing pendulum, as well as his guardian ghost, Morphine. He uses these tools to aid him in his detective work, which is why he became so famous.


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His Guardian Ghost was Morphine, a pixie fairy that had been passed down from generation to generation in the Diethel family. Before he died, he passed it on to his son, Lyserg Diethel.



Liam and his wife Jane Diethel lived in London, England, where Liam worked as dowser and detective while training his son, Lyserg Diethel, in the same arts. He was once hired by Oknox for an unknown job and came close to finding out about his criminal dealings.[1]

Liam's burned remains

On Lyserg's sixth birthday, Liam gave him the task of finding his present using dowsing. While Lyserg was away, Liam was approached by Asakura Hao who wanted his help in the next Shaman Fight, but Liam refused, wanting to stay out of it. Hao then set the whole house ablaze, with Liam and Jane inside. Lyserg later found their burned bodies.

Invading the Plants

Liam appeared on board on the Soul Train together with his wife, having earlier found the spirits of Chocolove McDonell's parents with ease. He expressed joy seeing his son's growth.[2]

Anime/Manga Difference



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