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Lilirara (リリララ Ririrara) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. Lilirara is a member of the Seminoa Tribe.


Lilirara is a native American woman of average height. She wears a white button-up t-shirt that exposes her stomach and a neat skirt with some brown shoes. She has a Seminoa symbol tattooed under her left eye.


Lilirara was raised never to forget her Seminoa heritage and can not let go of her past. She was angry at the Patch Tribe and believes that the Patch Tribe massacred her ancestors. She tries to prevent the shamans of the present tournament from reaching the Patch Village, telling them that the Patch is really killers and that the same fate that befell the Seminoa will befall them. However, after talking to Asakura Yoh and his company, she did lighten up before her death.



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Lilirara was born to the Seminoa parents who drilled into her the past of Seminoa history from a very younger age. She was tattooed at a younger age. She was forced into being a shaman by her parents and was given Four Seminoan Warriors spirits from the last Shaman Fight.

Travel through America[]

Aware that the new Shaman Fight has begun, Lilirara prepares to stop any approaching shaman.[1] She stops Asakura Yoh's group and attacks them with Seminoa dolls. Tao Ren kicks one and even comments on how weak they are. A Seminoa warrior comes from one of them and then cuts off Ren's leg. Lilirara commands her Over Souls to cut Ryu in half, pierce Yoh's heart, and cut off Horohoro's arm. Yoh and company are really in one piece and they wonder what just happened. Lilirara explains that those were just memories and tells them that the memories flooded them and that is why they felt pain.

Lilirara offers them the chance to experience the past of the Seminoa, which they accept.[2] She commands her Over Souls to take hold of them and narrates what happened during the previous Shaman Fight.[3] When it is over, she turns to leave but is stopped by three more shamans—Mr. Little Lake, Savage Pan, and Green Garam. They attack her but Horohoro easily beats them. Lilirara gives Yoh's group a map to get to their next destination.

Spirit of Fire incinerates Lilirara.

As they leave and Lilirara says there is more work to be done, Asakura Hao impales her from behind.[4] Lilirara now realizes that Yoh was right that Hao is alive and asks what Hao is. She tries to use her Over Souls but they are already destroyed by the Spirit of Fire. Hao burns the three shamans that Horohoro had beaten and then burns Lilirara down to her soul and lets the Spirit of Fire devour it.[5]

Invading the Plant[]

Later, she is seen confronting Hao along with everyone else who died, on the Soul Train.[6]

Anime/Manga Differences[]

In the 2001 anime series, Yoh and his friends meet with Lilirara after they had met up with Chocolove McDonell and thus a fifth warrior spirit was added to match the number of people in Yoh's group. Also, she is never killed in the first anime series.

Her role in the 2021 anime series more closely follows the events of the manga.



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