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Lily Five
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Japanese Name: リーリーファイブ
Romanized Name: Rīrī Faibu
English Name: Tres Magnifique
Leader: Sharona
First Appearance: Episode 26
Total Furyoku: n/a

The Lily Five (リーリーファイブ, Rīrī Faibu, "Lees Five" or "Tres Magnifique" in the English version of the anime series) are a group of five girls from the Anime series of Shaman King.


Shaman FightsEdit

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit


The five girls came together when they were shunned by others after their shamanic powers emerged.[1] While they are all capable shamans, their level of Furyoku is nothing compared to other characters in the anime series.

The five girls met Asakura Yoh and his friends in America while trying to find the Patch Village during the Shaman tournament[2]. During their travels, the group try to sabotage other Shamans they encounter and even briefly joined up with Asakura Hao only to be rejected because of their lack of strength.

Because they form a group of five, they realize they cannot all participate in the Second Round of the Shaman Tournament, which requires teams of three. Though they initially attempt to break their group up, Yoh, to ensure their safety, forces them to realize that they cannot compete effectively against opponents like Asakura Hao. The girls instead resolve to become famous as the ones who refused to fight Hao. Towards the end, they become staunch supporters of Yoh as he begins to fight with Hao[3].


e v Members
Sharona Sharona is the leader of the group. Her guardian ghost's name is Enra Enra, a Smoke Pixie.
The Muscle and driver of the group. Her guardian ghost's name is Korogashi, a Hammer. Sally
Millie The Youthful of the group. Her guardian ghost's name is Onibi Onibi, a Fire fox.
Ellie is the upbeat tomboy of the group. Her guardian ghost's name is Kamaitachi, a sickle Weasel. Ellie
Lilly Lilly is the quiet genius and navigator of the group. Her guardian ghost's name is Jangurian, a Roborovski hamster.

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

The Lily Five are Anime Series-only characters.


  • A running joke in the English version of the anime series is Yoh always calling them "Lees Five" which makes Sharona and Ellie very angry and yell at him to call her teammates team "Magnifique".[4]


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