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Lip & Rap
Lip & Lap
Japanese Name: リップ & ラップ
Romanized Name: Rippu & Rappu
English Name:
First Appearance: Chapter 27 (Manga)
Affiliations: Patch Tribe
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a

Lip and Rap (リップ & ラップ, Rippu & Rappu) are fictional characters in the manga series of Shaman King.


Lip and Rap are twin sisters with long black hair set in a braid. They wear cute dresses, moccasins, and a feather with a band around their heads. They are five years old, and despite their age, they both wear diapers.


Lip and Rap are usually hyper and happy most of the time.

Abilities and PowersEdit


As members of the Patch Tribe only gain spirits when they exceed a set age limit, it is unlikely that either had yet to obtain theirs due to their young age at the time the tournament occurred. However, due to the nature of the ritual that is held for them in order to find their spirits, if they were to gain their guardian ghosts in the future, they would be nature spirits.


Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

They only appear to say goodbye to silva, and when Yoh and Hororo are fighting, Goldva tells them to watch the fight cause they are going to pass all their knowledge to the future generations.

Shaman Fights Second RoundEdit

Invading the PlantsEdit

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit

Lip and Rap are manga only characters.

Trivia Edit

  • It is said that Lip and Rap were brought back to life as Shaman Priestesses.


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