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Lip and Rap (リップ & ラップ Rippu & Rappu) are fictional characters in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. They are members of the Patch Tribe.


Lip and Rap are twin sisters with long black hair set in a braid. They wear cute dresses, moccasins, and a feather with a band around their heads. They are five years old, and despite their age, they both wear diapers.


Lip and Rap are usually hyper and happy most of the time. They like to sing.[1]

Abilities and Powers


Shaman Fights in Tokyo

They appear to say goodbye to Silva, and when Yoh and Horohoro are fighting, Goldva tells them to watch the fight because they are going to pass all their knowledge to the future generations.

Shaman Fights Second Round

Invading the Plants

When Hao awoke, after merging with the Great Spirit, Lip & Rap had their soul absorbed, just by looking at him, killing them. Goldva, who was fleeing from Hao, carried their bodies within his Over Soul, revealing their fate to Yoh's group, when he encountered them, after breaking into the Universe Plant.[2]

Funbari no Uta

According to Chocolove McDonell, Lip & Rap were brough back to life. When a book arrived at the Funbari Onsen, about the Shaman Fights in Tokyo in the year 2000, Lyserg Diethel speculated that Lip & Rap were responsible for writting it, as they could easily attain the relevant information from the spirits of the 10 Patch Officials.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference

Lip and Rap do not appear in the 2001 anime series.



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