List of Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

# Japanese title
English title
Air Date
Air Date
01 "The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts"
幽霊と踊る少年, Yūrei to Odoru Shōnen
April 1, 2021
When a woman gives birth to twins, one of them reveals to be the reincarnation of the shaman Asakura Hao, who attacks his family and escapes with a spirit. Thirteen years later, Oyamada Manta meets the shaman Asakura Yoh while walking across the graveyard. When wanting to expose his secret, Manta is instead beaten up by the delinquent Ryu who breaks the grave of the late samurai Amidamaru. Using the soul of Amidamaru to possess him, Yoh avenges Manta by defeating Ryu. In the aftermath, Yoh befriends Manta and requests Amidamaru to become his partner. Although Amidamaru is initially reluctant, he changes his mind when Yoh reveals he managed to repair his sword, Harusame, thanks to the spirit of his friend Mosuke. Meanwhile, another shaman is looking over Yoh and Amidamaru. 
02 "Another Shaman"
もう一人のシャーマン, Mou Hitori no Shāman
April 8, 2021
03 "Anna and Tao Jun"
アンナと道 潤, "Anna to Tao Jun"
April 15, 2021
04 "Best Place"
ベストプレイス, "Besuto Pureisu"
April 22, 2021
05 "Over Soul!"
オーバーソウル!, "Ōbā Souru!"
April 29, 2021
06 "Yoh vs. Horohoro!"
葉VSホロホロ!, "Yō VS Horohoro!"
May 6, 2021
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