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Luchist Lasso (ラキスト・ラッソ Rakisuto Rasso, Luka in the 2001 English version of the series) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. As founder and former leader of the X-Laws, Luchist Lasso is by far one of the powerful shamans working under Asakura Hao. Luchist acts as the main rival to Marco Lasso. Apparently, the two were close friends in their past. However, when Asakura Hao intervened, the comrades' lives would be forever changed.


Luchist in his battle uniform

Luchist is a tall and muscular man. He has a black short bowl cut hairstyle, a thick black beard around his chin and cheeks, and a black Cross moline tattoo beneath his chin. He is commonly seen wearing a black cloak, with a large scarf around his neck and an black hat, with a wide shade and a feather in it. He is often seen carrying around a bible. Beneath his cloak, he wears a black formal suit and a light purple dress shirt with an orange tie and black leather shoes.[2]

While he was still a member of the X-Laws he wore white a long parted cloak with the X-Laws sign at the button on one side of it, as his uniform.

Luchist has his own battle uniform that he usually wears beneath his casual clothing. It consists of a black pair of leather pants and a yellow waistcoat with a check pattern. The waistcoat has a high cut revealing his midriff and has a hole in the back showing a tattoo of the X-Laws sign, on his back.[3] The holster of his colt is worn in the patterned shoulder strap. As Luchist puts it, the battle uniform is used to create a stronger spirit, and more perfect conditions for the Over Soul, but it also requires personal acknowledgment and permanent requirements.[3]


He appears calm and confident and even cares for Marco's well-being, offering him a small boat home, so that he could relax and avoid being hurt and even cried when he believed he was about to kill him during their final battle.[4] During battle he remains calm and analytic, though when things intensify, he can be carried along, otherwise he seemed to constantly smile while fighting someone else.

Like the other X-Laws he too once heavily believed in "Ultimate Justice". However, after meeting with and being defeated by Asakura Hao, he came to believe that only the winner will have true justice. Thus he decided to join up with Hao to gain that justice, knowing that no one would consider the ideology of a loser. He greatly respects Hao and in turn of Asakura Yoh since he was Hao's younger twin brother.

It is revealed by Marco that he has a love for cars, that no one else knows about.[5] He also believes that, by taking part in raising Iron Maiden Jeanne, it should be him who deals with her at the time when they become enemies.

Abilities and Powers[]

As a human, he appears to possess a great strong body, powerful enough to wreck a pair of bulletproof glasses. He also seems able to fence with a handgun, as seen when fighting with Marco with his colt and quickly gaining the upper hand. Hao taught him the Fumon Tonkō and combining it with his natural speed, Luchist can easily avoid his opponent's attacks and use it to attack from behind. Luchist can create the strongest condition possible for an Over Soul by using his battle outfit rather than his regular clothes.


See More: Lucifer

His guardian ghost is the Fallen Angel Lucifer. It is originally a Lamborghini Countach LP400, that gained a spirit from its importance to Luchist. It was the first of the Archangels to be created and can change its Over Soul into its original car form. It uses a bullet, fired from Luchist's colt, as a medium. Like the rest of the Archangels, it has the ability to shatter other souls.



Chibi Marco Chan and Luchist

Luchist Lasso is a Shaman from Sicily, Italy, and was born on June 1st, 1949. When Marco Lasso was young, he lost his parents and became an orphan. It was Luchist who would be the one who raised him, as he, at that time was a reverend in a Catholic church-orphanage where Marco was brought in. Towards the present time, Marco is still grateful for his upbringing. It was because of Luchist, who allowed him to take ballet lessons and took him to car shows. He allowed him to go to the university and helped him create his own company. Marco was also grateful to Luchist for creating the X-Laws.

Later on, when Marco become an adult he and Luchist, when they came to cross with Hao while to eliminate him, they met Jeanne. At that time she was nothing, but an orphan born with shamanic powers. They raised her, turning her into a savior and a holy person, and made her believe she was destined to destroy all evil.

Luchist, as the leader and founder of the X-Laws.

At some point, as explained by Marco, Asakura Hao came and destroyed and killed everything and everyone, Marco loved and cared about. It was right when he had created the X-Laws that Luchist came upon the chance to fight the still-weakened child Hao. Finding him at the most unexpected place, Luchist decided to take advantage of the situation and attack Hao from behind. However, due to his Reishi, Hao saw him coming and easily crushed Luchist. However, for some incomprehensible reason, he appeared to let Luchist live.[6]

Seeing as he let him live, Luchist began to rethink his belief in justice and realized that Hao had his very own form of justice. As he met the other people who had decided to follow Hao he decided that only the "Winner's Justice" would be the real one, and decided to follow Hao to gain that justice.

Shaman Fights[]

Although not mentioned nor seen, he successfully passes the test of the Patch Tribe and gains an Oracle Bell. He also successfully passed through the preliminary rounds. He is first seen on the Patch Jumbo Jet talking to Hao about the other contestants, and later, he is seen flying on the Spirit of Fire, with Hao and the rest of his other followers, when the Patch dissolved their Patch Jumbo Jet was an Over Soul. After that he is not seen again until Chocolove McDonell mentions that there are three strong factions in the tournament and that one of them is Hao and his followers.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

During the first couple of fights in the Shaman Tournament, he acts as nothing more but a background character when Hao watches the fights and is first given a significant role when his team is matched up against one of the X-Laws teams, Team "X-III".

During this time, he and Opacho were asked by Hao to step back, and allow him to do all the fighting against Team "X-III". Agreeing, they watched how the Spirit of Fire killing Meene Montgomery and Cebin Mendel with great ease. However, when Chris Venstar revealed his plan to use the "Grenade-X" to destroy the Spirit of Fire and leave Hao completely vulnerable, Luchist began to panic and started to hammer on the Patch Barrier, calling for Hao to escape. However, Hao had been grabbed by Metatron and was unable to move at all. Luchist watched in horror as the grenade exploded only to reveal an undamaged Hao who had survived by transforming the Spirit of Fire into water.

Invading the Plants[]

After being transported to the Continent of Mu by the Patch Tribe, Team "Funbari Onsen", Team "The Ren" and Team "X-I" decided to forfeit the tournament saying that none of them was able to face Hao, Luchist and Opacho both agreed to this, thus making Hao the next Shaman King by forfeit. The three remaining teams watched him walk into the plants led by Lip and Lap, the Ten Patch Priests, and Goldva.

Luchist prepares for his final fight with Marco

When Marco, Asakura Yoh and Tao Ren and their respective teams proceeded to follow him a little later, they were all blocked in their path by Luchist who revealed his battle suit and created his Lucifer Over Soul. Marco recognizing the battle suit decided that he would be Luchist's opponent.[7] Before anything can happen Lyserg Diethel yells to Marco in fear, only for Marco to declare that the two had to finish the fight they started, a fight that was only between the two of them. Marco then proceeds to reveal his own Over Soul, his battle suit, and yells out that "Justice Always Wins".

Marco and Luchist comes to have a discussion about "Justice" that leads Luchist to reveal how he met Hao and how his original belief of justice changed.[6] Following the discussion, both fighters attack each other with Luchist getting the upper hand by quickly destroying Marco's Over Soul at least seven times finally revealing Marco with no Over Soul and properly no Furyoku left. Crying, Luchist aims his colt at Marco and wishes him goodbye, saying that he will see him again in the Great Spirit and watches as Lucifer's hammer shatters him.

Suddenly Marco appears behind Luchist and grabs him from behind while holding his gun to his chin. He reveals that he used his glasses as a medium for Michael to create an Over Soul of himself called O.S. "Fake Marco", that was shattered instead of himself. Marco then threatens Luchist not to move or he would blow his head off and proceed to reveal his plan, knowing from the start that he had no chance against him. Marco begins to explain his justice being that of love, how he received the compassionate love from Iron Maiden Jeanne, and realized that his justice was wrong. He then yells out that compassionate love is the answer to everything, even the one he once received from Luchist. Luchist thinks to himself how much Marco has matured, and how he didn't mind dying.

The Death of Luchist and Marco

Luchist makes one final challenge, yelling out that he wanted to see how strong love is and makes Lucifer attack them both. He uses the bullet medium to kill both of them, but not shattering their souls. As Luchist dies, his flashback flashes before his eyes and he remembered all the good times he had together with Marco.[8] A few minutes later is seen as a spirit while Marco was seen talking to Yoh, who questions their actions. Both of them say that it is because they do not know how to stop.

When Jeanne is about to hug Hao within the Great Spirit, Luchist intervenes with Lucifer to prevent her from coming to close to the dark hole. When Hao asks if he is there to be killed by him, he denies it and instead pleads for Hao to send everyone back.[9]


Luchist had Hao resurrect everyone who was within the Great Spirit even though there were some who wanted to stay with Hao within the Great Spirit. In the years following the Shaman Fights, Luchist kept himself informed about the former members of Hao's followers and their activities and even learned about the Flower of Maize.[10] Sometime after Peyote Diaz´s revival, Luchist began to regularly seek him out, no matter where Peyote was and take care of him, feeding and bathing him.[11]

After a fight between Hans Reiheit, Larch Dirac and the Cartels, Luchist appeared before them and offered to shelter them at his hotel, to avoid getting in trouble with the local police. After serving the group soup from the hotel and offering Peyote a bath and a fresh change of cloth, Luchist revealed to the group that he was aware of their activities and that the Flower of Maize was about to begin. When Peyote revealed that they were looking for Marco, Luchist dodged the question and further dodged another question from Reiheit, when asked if Marco knew about Jeanne´s death. Luchist then took his leave offering the group to stay in the hotel room if they wanted, but not before apologizing to Peyote for not being able to stay and talk longer and noting that Santa Muerte was a gift from Hao to Peyote and no one else.[10]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Like most of Hao's followers, he has a minor role in the 2001 anime series. His past history with Marco, Jeanne, and as well status as the founder of the X-Laws is never mentioned.

His medium is also not seen and instead of using a club, his Archangel Lucifer uses a spiked mace. Its appearance is also quite different, resembling the Archangels more, but with huge bat-like wings and is known as "Cifer" in the English version of the anime series and video games.

During the attack on Babylon Gate, he fights and defeats Marco. In the final battle, he is later defeated alongside Brocken, Turbine, and Hang-Zeng Chang by Tao Ren.


  • His name was based on an American cigarette brand Lucky Strike.


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