Lyserg's Revenge
Lost Boy Found



Rizerugu Ribenjā

Japan Air Date

January 16, 2002

English Air Date

January 3, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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Lyserg's Revenge (リゼルグリベンジャー) is the 28th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After a flashback is seen in where Lyserg Diethel gets his guardian ghost, Morphine, as a birthday gift from his father, Lyserg apologizes to Yoh and the others for causing them much trouble. Then, Lyserg insists to pay for Ren's Kwandao and Horohoro's snowboard and walks away, Yoh tells him that he is still willing to listen to Lyserg's reasons. Lyserg then tells Yoh and the others about his father, who was an expert in dowsing and his role model. Lyserg then tells them that after he obtained his Guardian ghost, his father and mother where killed by Hao. Lyserg then states that since then, he has been training and trying to find strong allies in order to defeat Hao. As everyone is touched by Lyserg's past, Ren still doesn't want to have anything to do with Lyserg. After Ren and Yoh talk outside and Ren decides to go for a walk, Lyserg is wondering why Yoh looks so much like Hao. Lyserg then leaves to go outside.

Meanwhile, MantaAnna and Tamao have Finally decided to call Yoh. Meanwhile, Lyserg gets ambushed by Savage PanMr. Little Lake and Green Garam, who have teamed up against Lyserg. As Lyserg attacks them, they are able to capture Morphine in a cage and defeat Lyserg. As the three get into a fight over who must finish Lyserg, Ren shows up to save Lyserg. Ren then attacks his enemies with just a normal Hyoi-Gattai. As Horohoro shows up to help as well, they make Lyserg realize that they can become allies and that he has to save his friend, Morphine. Yoh and Ryu then show up and after Lyserg saves Morphine, together they defeat Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake, and Green Garam. 

Later on, Hao and his followers are seen. As Hao takes care of Savage Pan, Mr. Little Lake and Green Garam's bodies for their failures, he wonders if Yoh has gotten stronger. Later on, Lyserg tells Yoh and the others that most of the Shaman Fight contestants are heading west, so they should head there as well. As Yoh decides to go there together, Lyserg thinks that he'll drag Yoh and the others into his fight against Hao. As all of them depart, Lyserg still wonders about Yoh and Hao looking so much alike.

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