Contitent of Mu

Continent of Mū

(無) is a sunken continent that lies at least 2000 meters below sea level. It is also the place where the final rounds of the Shaman Fights were held.


According to an American writer, who had heard it from a Tibetan High Monk, The Continent of Mū was once populated by an extremely advanced people but sunk overnight due to an unknown divine rage. It is sacred land to the Patch Tribe as it was the place of the very first Shaman Fights and it is a tradition that the finals are always held there[1]

Despite the massive decay seen on the outside, the Plants on the inside are completely intact and every piece of machinery appear to be working perfectly. The entire continent is protected by a 5 meter thick Over Soul barrier created by the Patch Tribe.

At the depths of the continent lies the King's Sanctuary where Shaman King slumbers while uniting with the Great Spirit. To reach it, one has to follow the path through the Plants or get lost in the maze around it, though three of the Patch Priest passed through the maze to their Plants with ease.



The Patch and their respective Plants

The Plants are the on the path to the King's Sanctuary and Great Spirit and the Patch Tribe protect them by standing guard at their own individual Plants.

The Plants were created as experimental facilities equipped with each and all conditions in order to migrate out into space. They were created by human hands as a perfect reproduction of nature, with 10 various environments so that any organism would be able to survive.[2] Each plant also contains 2 gates which act as the entrance and exit to each individual plant. These gates will only open if the Patch guarding them wants them to or is defeated. Apparently, the plants can be turned off.

  • Desert
The first Plant is the Desert which is Guarded by Namari. This Plant is a true desert as there nothing in it but sand and heat. The Plant is hard to fight in as there is absolutely no water anywhere except for a single small oasis. This was a problem for Tao Ren and Horohoro since there is no water present in the air.
  • Valley
The Valley is what it says, a deep rocky valley. This Plant is designed for Bron to use his power at full power. When the valley plant is open the door is literally in the air. If the door closes the unfortunate person is dropped straight into the valley below. The door out is at the bottom of the plant and is not easy to reach. Those who can fly also have an advantage here since there is no floor to fight on.
  • Volcano
The Volcano Plant is a volcanic field. The field is littered with thousands of active volcanoes. The area is hard to fight as the volcanoes constantly erupt spewing gas and lava everywhere. The plant has little solid ground and is extremely hot all the time due to the all the lava. This plant is guarded by Magna.
  • Lake
The Lake Plant is a very deep lake surrounded by small amounts of land. This plant is Guarded by Radim. The plant is designed to force someone to fight at maximum speed. To fight on the lake itself Radim is required to speed up to his max and walk on water.
  • Plateau
The Plateau Plant is guarded by Kalim. The plant is nothing more than a wide expanse of Grassland. The plant is fairly easy to fight in since there is no environmental hazards or requirements. The only foreseeable problem is that it is a long expanse and takes quite a bit of time to cross. There is also a small farm in the plant that belongs to Kalim.
  • Forest
The Forest is guarded by Renim. This plant is a large dense tropical forest with rivers and trees.
  • Cave
The Cave Plant is guarded by Nichrome. The cave plant is a really big cave and is very dark. The darkness is a major problem since no one can see what they were doing. Ren was able to counter the darkness of the cave by running his electricity through his over soul in very short bursts like a light bulb, creating light to see with.
  • Sea
The Ocean Plant is guarded by Thalim. This plant is composed of a large sandy beach area, covered with tropical palms, and an equally large sea at the other side. A beach hut is also present, that has been converted into a cafe by Thalim.
  • Glacier
The Glacier is guarded by Silva. As its name suggests this plant is composed of a single large glacier, that is surrounded by water filled with large fragments of ice on the side nearest to the entrance.
  • Universe
The Universe Plant is the final plant and is guarded by Rutherfor. It is a large room with no gravity and it is a vacuum. It appears to resemble space due to images of space projected upon the surrounding walls. These projections are precisely altered to reproduce the stars actually movements. What makes it unusual compared to the other plants is that where most of them are cuboid in shape, this plant is spherical. It is also the only Plant to show sign of damage.

King's SanctuaryEdit

The room after the final plant is the throne room. The room itself is spartan except for a stone throne and the shaman king crown. The room is big and the throne is surrounded by overgrown plants and grass. The Chief of the Patch Tribe guards this room themselves and if they fail the king must fight the entering intruder. The mortal body of the Shaman King rest in this room and when Hao entered was the previous Shaman King reduced to nothing but a skull.[2]


  • Mū (無) can translate into "nothingness" or "non-existence"
  • Most of the Plants offer a slight advantage to the specific Patch guarding it, dependent on their guardian ghost and Over Soul's abilities. For an example, Namari's Red Rope could travel under the sand present in the Desert Plant to conduct sneak attacks and Renim's Clear Coat could make use of the large dense forest present in the Forest Plant to best use its unique power of disguise.


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