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Magna (マグナ Maguna) is a fictional character from the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is one of the Ten Patch Priest and the Patch Officiant responsible for overseeing Teams "Hana-Gumi", "Hoshi-Gumi", and "Magical Princesses". He openly sides with and supports Asakura Hao in the quest to become the next Shaman King.


When not in battle Magna wears a Patch cloak with the average headband with horns. In battle Magna removes his cloak, keeping only his skirt on.


Magna is a very open supporter of Hao. He is very calm and calculating during a fight. When under the power of the Patch song Magna becomes cold and uncaring, though he still talked to Opacho in a childish manner before attacking her.

Abilities and Powers[]

Magna's foremost strategy in battle, according to himself, is to quickly deal with the enemy he perceives as the most troublesome, such as Iron Maiden Jeanne who could otherwise outspeed him or revive enemies he had already defeated.


See More: Magnescope

His Guardian ghost is that of a large horned owl named Magnescope. When Over Souled with his guardian ghost, Magna gains the power to fly with wings on his arms and tail feathers on the back of his hips, and to strike from almost anywhere with the claws manifested on the side of his hips. However, the claws are only meant to grab and crush, not to scratch. It would seem his medium is a set of owl feathers that he wears around his neck.


Shaman Fights in Tokyo[]

Manga was the one who did the qualification for the Hao's Hana-Gumi team. He also officiated many matches in the first rounds.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Magna was there when Team "Hana-Gumi" was defeated by Asakura Mikihisa. Magna stops them from attacking and says that the team is still useful, thus making them leave. He is later seen stopping Nichrome from attacking Asakura Yoh, who had recently defeated some of Hao's followers who had savagely beaten up Horohoro and Chocolove McDonell and killed Tao Ren. They later report to Hao and he is fine with the Team "Hana-Gumi" defeat since Hao is ready for something.

Invading the Plants[]

When Hao wins the Shaman fight, by forfeit of the three remaining teams and his own teammates, Magna and the rest of the officiants follow Goldva into the plants for the crowning ceremony. Magna watches Silva lose to Yoh and goes to his plant.

Magna's fight with Tao Ren

Yoh and company enter the volcano plant and face off against Magna. Magnascope attacks and they both Over Soul. Magna crushes Jeanne's Iron Maiden but nothing is inside. Tao Ren oversouls and strikes Magna with the full force of his lightning based attacks.

Magna, however, uses the Patch Song and readies himself to kill. After a long clash then starts where both fighters would constantly dodge or block the others attack, although Magna was at a disadvantage since his Over Soul was not meant for close combat. Suddenly a large amount of smoke blows up in between them that Magna uses to disappear and hide. From an unseen point, he explains the abilities of his guardian ghost, Magescope, and how he strikes unseen and unheard in a similar way to an owl.

Suddenly appearing to strike from behind, Ren disappears before he can make a clean hit. Ren reappears in the blink of an eye behind Magna and explains how he had become fast as lighting. Magna realizes that he needs to warn Nichrome about this but is killed with a massive lightning bolt, allowing Yoh and company to move on to the next plant.[1]

He later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[2]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Due to the vast differences of the Second Round in the 2001 anime series and in the manga series, Magna is never shown in the 2001 anime. Instead, an anime-only Patch named Zinc took his role as supporting character to Nichrom.


  • Like all the other members of the Patch Tribe, Magna is named after one of the chemicals in the periodic table of elements. His name is derived from magnesium.


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