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Magnescope (マグネスコープ Magunesukōpu) is the spirit of an owl and the Guardian Ghost of Magna.[1]


According to Magna, Magnescope is able to fly silently even in darkness and is a professional sniper, both qualities that are carried over to Magna's full-body Over Soul.

When completely Over Souled in its original form, it is fast enough to launch a surprise attack on Yoh and his group and despite its relatively small size strong enough to knock over Faust VIII while sitting in his wheelchair.[2]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Magnescope[]

O.S. Magnescope

O.S. "Magnescope" (O.S. マグネスコープ)

  • Shaman: Magna
  • O.S. Type: Full Body Type
  • Spirit Ally: Magnescope
  • Medium used: Owl feathers

Description: By using owl feathers around his neck, Magna can create a metallic armor on his back that creates owl wings on his arms, thus allowing flight, and sprouts gigantic owl legs on each side of his hips.

With this Over Soul, Magna gains the same lightning-fast movements and also the night vision ability that Magnescope possesses. His claws are strong enough to completely crush iron, as seen with the Iron Maiden, and according to himself also able to crush the likes of an anaconda. However, the claws are only meant to grab and crush, not scratch, making the Over Soul largely ineffective in close combat.

However, Magna can compensate for this due to the lightning speed and stealth abilities granted to him by his spirit and can, if remaining hidden, suddenly attack the enemy, appearing out of nowhere and crush them easily with his sharp claws, just like a real owl does.


  • Hunting: The special ability of this Over Soul. With this, Magna can move unheard and unseen, just like an owl.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Because Magna never appeared in the 2001 anime series, neither did Magnescope.



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